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  1. Erren7

    First Rolex

    Just buy a 36mm Rolex Explorer Cooler than a penguins balls, understated and unarguable history.
  2. Thank you very much, I think I will go for a rolex as it seems I can get a half decent dress watch for the money. :)
  3. I had a good experience with Timeless Luxury. You might also want to consider visiting a local watch store too. I'm generally a strong proponent of seeing a watch in person unless you are certain you know what you want. Will
  4. As newbienin says To-days Tudors have their own in house movements and are fantastic pieces. Quality is like Rolex, Oyster crown and case like Rolex, but a slightly different movement! A
  5. The previous post gives very good advice. It's a classic watch, first made in 1945 and worn by many famous people over the years - MLK, JP II, etc. There's a couple of issues with the older ones, servicing being one but also that they do not go for much of a discount. For you, I'd lean towards a newer one, sapphire cristal, and make sure it's exactly the one you want, even if it means waiting while you save or while you search. John
  6. I owned one for four days. It's the tallest non-chrono watch I've ever handled. It proved to be far too much for me. It's taller than the "it's-way-too-tall" Omega Planet Ocean 8500.
  7. Apologize... we both had typos... meant Chromalight. Nonetheless, while some speculate Chromalight is Superluminova, Rolex claims it to be proprietary, so I am sure it is (as this is a legal term). Several watch reviews highlight this fact. Also, I did not claim tritium caused cancer to the watch wearer, but it does cause cancer like any radioactive material can.
  8. That I don't know. I'm not privy to all of Rolex's sales policies but even if it is a couple years old, it's still a quality watch.
  9. Don't sweat the small details. There is nothing that says that they crown is supposed to point straight up.
  10. Erren7

    New 5513

    Be careful......the vintage bug will bite and bite HARD. There is just something about the patina, drilled-through lug holes, and plexiglass. It's too bad the vintages have gotten so dang expensive. Congrats on a real beauty.
  11. Erren7

    ss bracelet for 3717

    I got the info from this IWC Workbook page on the Weeber.wiz site: http://www.weeber.biz/IWC/Workbook/2007/3717.pdf
  12. You need a longer time to check real accuracy. Try about a week or two. But I wouldn't be surprised at a good regulation from IWC.
  13. Love the Mark series from IWC .... Bremont is making a splash, but, with very little substance IMO ... Lots of marketing, stretched claims on multiple fronts and lacklustre design IMO ... Your Mark XVII will stand the test of time long after the Bremont hype has fizzled out.... A lot of times less is way more and I think that's the case with the Mark series... Great straps btw!
  14. Erren7

    IWC Dealers (Deals!)

    Have you considered that the 'Loonie' has fallen off a cliff?
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