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  1. Interesting no sightings of the new black one, I wonder if Tudor are holding back on releasing those until old stocks clear out... maybe I should give my AD another call...
  2. The 8 day hand wound Portofino isn't that classy like the automatic Portofino. Also, it's mutch to big 45mm instead of 40mm...
  3. I think 2900-3k is a great price for this watch, especially considering it's complete with the bracelet... The bracelet alone sells for 900-1200 on the used market... Do it.
  4. xxxptm

    Mark XII or Mark XV

    It's been a tough one, but I went for the XV, it's in mint condition, fully serviced, box and papers, t dial... I think I made the right decision. It will arrive next week. Thank you everyone, your suggestions really helped!
  5. xxxptm

    IWC Galapagos 2014

    Thanks for your reply. Lol, well it took me a while to figure out how to start a new thread. I was starting to get a lill frustrated to be honest, hence the rather confusing first post. Yes, I read the same about servicing. A lot of information available on the Internet can be misleading. I was surprised to see that I could not find a decent review on the IWC. The watch has been around for over a year and all I got to see was pictures and videos of people partying at the IWC launch. (new Aquatimer event). My budget about $8500 approximately. I have been saving up for almost 2 years with the NS GMT in mind but it might change. I recently moved to the US and am a student. Back home I know how to get deals on watches but it would be my first experience in the US. I live in NYC, any suggestions on the dealers? The Rolex SD is a beautiful watch, for some reason I am not a big fan of the bracelet. I was happy to read that you have seen/owned all 3 brands. Precisely why I created an account on this forum. Most watch dealers that I have dealt with back home have limited knowledge on what they are selling. They are only concerned with the sale and nothing else. I liked the JLC because of the sporty feel, the material and the overall presence of the watch. I agree that some might find it a lill over the top. My other option is to get the NS alarm but I am not a big fan of the complication. People who have owned the older version of the Galapagos have suggested that the rubber coating wears off or that they have had issues with it. I read a few posts relating to the coating and it has made me think. I put my watches through a lot. I don't buy them and put them in a safe like some friends of mine would do. I swim, dive and just about wear them even when I sleep. My Omega Seamaster chrono and the Tag Heuer aquagraph have stood the test of time. Now that I am making the jump into the next segment, I want something that will be robust and tough. The JLC would definitely take a battering and still work fine. Could you post some pictures of your Rolex SD, I am not sure if its against the rules of this forum to ask for that, if it is then I apologize. Also I am not sure if the Rolex would fit in my budget. The other thing I am scared of is being noticed. Yes, I am a lill fearful since I am fairly new to NYC and everyone recognizes a Rolex. I don't want to buy it and put it away or not wear it for the fear of being mugged. Thanks for reading and your reply sir. Good day.
  6. will snap some tonight, couldn't find any on my phone.
  7. xxxptm

    Portofino Photo .... :)

    Looks great! Any wrist shots?
  8. xxxptm

    First IWC

    Which movement does it mount?
  9. I found a Poljot alarm watch I liked on eBay. It's a good price from a seller with a good reputation. My question is about the writing on the movement. The watch dial is in Cyrillic, but the movement in the pictures read "18 Jewels S.U." , not in Cyrillic. Does this mean the movement is non original (ie export version)? New to Russian watches so not sure. Here are some photos:
  10. I moved recently to a new townhouse in the Newark, DE, USA area. I was shifting boxes from storage to house, so I started wearing a vintage Soviet era Amphibian watch. It had a NATO strap which got quite sweaty,and I could wash it every day. Well, the other day I started assembling furniture using a battery operated screw driver and a drill. Guess what? The watch started to gain a hour a day! Seems that the tools emitted a magnetic field that affected the watch. Anyone experience this same problem using power tools? What do I do next? I really like this watch.
  11. Well, this exact Vympel was listed in Ukrainian Aukro. I bought it maybe month ago, received it, maintained it, listed it, and Dashiell contacted me. I'm happy he's pleased with it, I appreciate his enthusiasm very much :) The seller (and his name is not Viktor :) ) is very nice and honest person, communication with him is a pleasure :) If he made a mistake, I'm sure he does not intend to fraud anybody. Maybe he just messed with pictures. Don't blame him, nobody's perfect. Regards, Miro
  12. Thanks for making me aware of this Sudhakar. I really hope there is a commemoration watch at some point as it really is a huge achievement. The more i study the subject i am coming to the conclusion that the Soviet space program really was special. Putting a man on the Moon is obviously an amazing achievement but to have the world's first man, woman, animal in space, space station and space walk and so many long duration space flight records is immense.
  13. Also, rub a cloth on a black pencil and tap some graphite onto the dial and it looks just slightly dirty, yet easily cleanable. And valuable. I can tell you that the back of the dials present no traces of glue for the index feet, as it used to be with fake Strela.
  14. Well, congratulations for the good job! And the few missing lume dots will remind you to be careful.
  15. £26 for a chronograph service! I was told £100 to service one of my 3133's. Guess I know where they will be going in future. Thanks Geoff.
  16. As someone with 8" wrist the size really concerns me. The ministry case is already on the smallest i "think" I'll comfortable wearing it, but this one, based on meranom's drawing would be 40d x 39ltl... sigh Might still get one, though... Tlapatlaked
  17. this seems to be an 'amphidirskie,' or a 'komanphibian,' a fibbie with a dirskie dial/hands, or a dirskie in a fibbie housing. Automatic dirskies have fibbie housings. They are fairly common in other guises like the parachutist and the icebreakers. there are always a number of those for sale on the new watch sellers' sites like zenitar on the 'bay. I remember vaguely a thread by our old sponsor Irina Maier detailing the differences between an automatic dirskie in a fibber body versus a true fibber.
  18. I do not like that.It may want to try the technology in auto repair glass is used? у меня нет такой. возможно стоит попробовать технологию как в авто ремонт стекло используют?
  19. Your suggestions are really appreciated Matt. If you mean the non-insert style bezel, I was also tempted by it, because the clean look improves the otherwise toy-like watch so much. But the stock bezel is also kind of likeable for me. Although I really wish there was a cheap solution that makes the bezel unidirectional and clicking. Even my wife's $2 chinese eBay "jelly" watch has a clicking unidirectional bezel. A navy striped NATO strap is definitely a thing I will look into. Count me in to the Sailboat fan club!
  20. Best overall condition I've ever seen, comrade 2209! You deserve such a watch. Paul
  21. Grr. Hrrumph. I'm still waiting for the 100s to go on sale. I twice missed my opportunity to get them (I think the sales window was less than 1/2 hour both times... and in the second time I even had one in my cart but didn't check out fast enough). All these "man these watches are so awesome" threads are starting to get my dander up! :)
  22. this beauty needs hands.. central chrono, second and minute counter hands. thanks alot!
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