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  1. Well, that's not the only difference. If you have them both in hand, it's pretty obvious that a Rolex is a higher quality of watch. At three times the price, it's no surprise that a Submariner has better fit and finish than a Black Bay; it's not like you're actually paying more for just a different movement. But that doesn't stop Tudors from being great watches in their own right.
  2. Quality-wise, they're both excellent. Most modern Tudors are fairly thick though, compared to most (if not all) Rolex models. If you have tiny wrists like me, Rolex is the brand to go for
  3. Always use #RolexWrist on Instagram to share your beautiful Rolex with larger audience. :)
  4. Hi all just a point for discussion. I often read that some people agonize over picking up a sub as it is too "common". While I can appreciate there are many folks who want wear something that is "rare" or not" ubiquitous" I wonder if some are focused to much on these forums and not the world around them. I guess if you live in Hong Kong or work in finance in Manhattan you will see a lot of submariners or other popular models. My experience has been different. I work as a senior executive in a large corporation and travel North America extensively. I work with a lot of people who own some very nice watches and spend a lot of time in first class lounges in airports. Bottom line I see a lot of nice watches. I have been keeping track and in the last year I have only seen two subs and both were the date version. I have a114060 and have yet to see one in the wild. This is not scientific of course and I am just sharing my experience, however I do think there is some truth that amongst WIS or Rolex supporters the sub is popular, or common or whatever, but in the wider world a sub or any Rolex strapped to your wrist is not really that common. Thoughts?
  5. Awesome info on the movement. This is what I have been looking for!
  6. I personally think your arms are too big to wear a 36mm watch.
  7. A GMT II cannot be from the 1960s I'm afraid....
  8. Your black dialed Milgauss has been discontinued. Personally, I would keep it and start saving for either a 14060M or a Polar 16570. Never sell a SS Rolex, only add........
  9. You bought the best one!!! If only I had the wrists to get a 5002 (it's too big on mine
  10. Welcome to the forums! beautiful watch, but poor value for money in my view given the movement. Have a look at the Glashutte Original Senator Sixties/Seveties chronograph and JLC... If a manufacture movement doesn't matter to you, it's a great looking piece so buy away...
  11. Charlie

    XVI Bracelet Help

    I'm considering a Mark XVI purchase on a strap however, I would like locate a new or used bracelet. Any direction to either would be appreciated, thanks!
  12. I happen to like the contradiction of the classic chrono styling matched with a sporty strap. Just not sure of the size. Actually, I don't think the dial is too big, but the lugs are quite long. No doubt the Aquanaut is a nice choice too.
  13. I think that Seiko uses dials of a similar dimension, but that the date windows don't line up with the Vostok date wheel. Still, a no-date dial could work, once you remove the dial feet and attach it with dial dots or a similar adhesive.
  14. All ST19s are made at Sea-Gull's Tianjin factory. I'm not aware of any 3rd party assembly of those movements in China, but there is (was?) at least one Swiss movement assembler using the ST1940 (auto-winding) and at least one haute horologie maker who tried passing off ST1901s as built from NOS Swiss Venus ebauches. Some 3133s have been assembled in Europe but I'm not sure if that happens currently. Comparing the two in use I would say that the ST19 feels significantly more pleasant overall, particularly in the operation of the chronograph functions (column-wheel operated), and it lacks the 3133's rather troublesome calendar gear. One the other hand, aside from the fragile date, the 3133 has a towering reputation for reliability whereas the ST19 has been somewhat patchy as production volume has grown, particularly in the more affordable non-Sea-Gull watches. Both movements feature old-school horizontal-clutch chronograph functions which are fully-adjustable, so if it doesn't feel right it can always be improved on, unlike the ETA 7750 which is held together with bits of wire and needs professional intervention for the most minor complaints.
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