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  1. What I would like is to see how a Submariner 114060 would look with the crown guards reduced in size. Here is a sample pic from Rolex website.
  2. Having played in the pre-owned market for years, it's been a long time since I've had a NIB watch from an AD, but I can speak from experience having had my Tudor's serviced. I used to be a non believer in a 'break in' period, but I've noticed from a year ago that my Tudor with the ETA 2824 did indeed change from being a couple of seconds too slow per day to +3-4 after a couple of weeks of wearing. My own experience is further impacted by the fact I have 4 watches worn in rotation and the non worn watches live on a winder, where the timing tends to go a bit fast. I would say to be patient...give the watch a full wind a couple of times a week if this is the only one on your wrist, keep track via one of the on line timekeeping sites and see where it goes after a couple of weeks. You're looking for consistency, so if the watch continues to run faster than you'd like, but consistently at the same pace, then you've got a watch that just needs a slight tweak, which under warranty should be nothing more than a time inconvenience.
  3. The wall is text is not so bad. I prefer the original dial but its not a deal breaker. The COSC certified new tudor movement is a big bonus. Service costs are not an issue, its only once every 5 years, and to be honest I doubt I will keep the watch much longer than that.
  4. Try The Watch Buyers Group in Pasadena,CA. Great reviews, you can Google for their reviews. 3 years warranty, genuine rolex parts, 3 weeks turn around time, and free round trip insured UPS shipping. For $395 base service. Buy. Sell. Trade. Service. | The Watch Buyers Group
  5. I hope the blue in the photographs is the same blue when you see it for yourself.
  6. I'll have the white one please :)
  7. Thanks for the pics. I'm to look at one on Tuesday...if it is still there.
  8. I was going to say the purple one because it's cool but you're already thinking that!
  9. Lucky man and congratulations! Throw another hash mark at the Explorer II. Its a beauty and one you'll keep for years! Congrats again and be sure to share pics once you decide.
  10. Anyone knows where can I find a used Daytona 116519 clasp? Could be the original one, in white gold, or a steel one. Thanks
  11. That's one formidable timepiece! Congrats on your new IWC!
  12. Nothing stands out to me being fake.
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