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  1. No! I dont think so. More like a Porsche to a Volkswagen Same manufacturer but totally different engines
  2. There are medicines available for these type of disorders. Maybe you should have bought a Timex Indiglo.
  3. The DATE model is 34 mm while the Datejust is 36mm. Same movement. Bracelet width between lugs on Date=19mm, Datejust 20mm. This two toned Date is no longer being made. The new style is also 34mm, but only made in SS with an 'enhanced' bracelet. Dial is real...but not very common. If you're this unsure of what you're looking at, spend a LOT more time studying the Rolex line before spending a bucket load of money for a watch. You don't want to buy something you'd immediately regret due to lack of experience and knowledge.
  4. Congrats that was quick flip on someone's part.
  5. I think it's fake. Look at the position of "7" not aligned to the line. IWC Mark XVI Replica Review, 3255 - The IWC Area - RWG Forum
  6. I agree - they are cool but pricey. I must admit though, IWC as a brand are over rpiced
  7. Dear sir do not mind if some comments may not be very pleasant regarding your watch...it's just that a miyota moment quartz IWC is something I have never heard of and may be most people have not so do not mind if we are unable to appreciate your watch well....it has great sentimental value to you and you should enjoy that as a good memory...I hope some one more knowledgeable than me can educate all of us
  8. All, I am moderately knowledgeable of watches and have compiled a small collection of what I consider to be wonderful watches, but nothing of a caliber that reaches a $10K+ watch; all less than $5K. I don't like chronos. I prefer simple, "tell me the time" dials with a sweeping seconds. I like large 42-46mm watches as my wrist is large and I am a big guy. Currently, I am preparing to enter the $10K+ world of watch purchases and am nervous. Not at my choice, but the thought of spending more on a watch than my first brand new car in 1992. My watch of choice: the IWC Big Pilot Le Petite Prince LE, Ref#: 5009-08. I am going to see the watch live in the flesh this week. Based on my previous in-person views of the Big Pilot (5009-01), I intend on being impressed. The LE Le Petite Prince fills two voids in my collection - Pilot and blue dial. My two most significant desires. Being 1 of 1,000 is also a nice feature. While I agree that a watch purchase is entirely a personal choice, I value the opinions and insight of some users in WUS who steer buyers away from pieces that have had issues. I also anticipate purchasing the IWC black alligator leather strap (no rivets) to accompany the brown calf that comes standard. Both straps will likely be ordered extra long, but I need to investigate the length. It is not a typical Pilot with a blue dial but I love the watch (at least from pics on the web). I welcome any opinions; or better yet confirmation that I am making a good purchase. Worse, that I am an idiot for spending this kinda dough. Thanks. Greg
  9. Hi guys, Im the new guy here and I wanted to know if the IWC watch I inherited is genuine. I also would like to know the model of the watch. I hop you guys can help me. Thank you in advance!
  10. Really nice patina. Mine is 8 months old an nothing. But it's not really seeing any elements.
  11. After a long time of lusting after I have finally made the decision to acquire my grail and it all happened over 2 short days . Ordered Monday pm arrived lunchtime today ! I have to say I am absolutely blown away on first impressions of quality and finish , the watch doesn't seem at all large on the wrist which was one of my biggest concerns . A couple of first pics which show that amazing dial badly I afraid but I really have to share http://
  12. That's correct, I wear my 3227 on the OEM Kevlar strap. The bracelet is beautiful but it doesn't have a micro-adjust and I could never get the perfect fit.
  13. I had owned the Portuguese Yacht Club Black Dial and it's one of my favourite watch ony problem is the "Mirror Polished Bezel" just too hard to avoid scratches For DSTM is also nice watch but....... it's not really 44mm. camparing to other 42mm. watches because the spec was measured to crown guard. And the only reason that I passed the DSTM because of non quick date set. but if you travel a lot this might suit you (the function of setting hour hand just like Rolex GMT Master) Anyway choice is yours but Yacht Club wear really big, the rubber strap make it looks a little chunky but with my 6'2" height and 7-1/4" wrist........ it's fine Comparing to Big Pilot: On 7-1/4" Wrist: Let us know what you are choosing !! :)
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