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  1. It is my first post and I just want to express my fleeing so maybe I can feel better, this story are my worst days of collecting. Just got this Beauty 7016/0 transitional dial lately, it is just a amazing piece. everything are right, the big second hand , the semi crown guard , the rose dial the S/N 62xxxx and ETA 2483. After I got it, it stop working ( which is not that big of a deal ) ETA movement is a standard and easy to service here in Thailand so I took it to service. I always told the watch maker that don't touch the dial the case the glass and everything, just clean the moment and lube the jewel and change the rubber seal ( just try out this service shop, I usually go to my friend to get it service but he is very busy ) I leave it for 2 day and it came back like this. Any notice on the dial ? ,.......yep, the damn second hand been replace !!! , so I ask the watch maker "why you change the second hand ?" he said "it was so rusty it broke in half" and I said "give it to me I will find a way to work it out" , and you know what he reply?..." I already throw it away " . My heart drop to my feet, that point I was so piss off , and reply to him like, WTF !! " what kind of watch maker are you, throw away such a rare piece, even it broke in Ten piece I still Fxxxing keep it you dxxx" even my Dog died I was not so sad like this , wew I have to live with it now and my be find something form the 5513 , or let's hope maybe I came across this big lollipop second-hand.
  2. Update, The Date is back on my wrist and keeping time at +2 sec./day.
  3. Hi Everyone, A local auction is selling a circa 1945 Air King ref. 4925 case 353802. I've had a hard time finding more info on this watch so I'm helping you guys can help. Almost all of the Air Kings I've seen have had writing above the 6 and very few I've seen have had a painted crown below the 12 mark. The crown also seems unusually small compared to what else I've seen. Were these variances the norm for the very early models or does it scream fake/re-dial? They've got an expected price range of $500-$700 Canadian so I'd like to be as informed as possible. The auction company is pretty highly respected and looking at past auctions and their realized vs. expected values have been pretty bang on. The bracelet it is on (which I doubt is original) has cosmetic damage as well. I've included the only picture given, but there is a viewing time available. Thanks!
  4. Decide based on the one you like looking at best on your wrist...
  5. You're not likely to get much of a discount on a new model that people are still on waiting lists for. However, wait six months until they're casually available on the grey market and you'll have no trouble getting 15-20% there.
  6. In Singapore where I stay, I was offered 20% off Retail at a highly reputable AD. Works out to a neat SGD$3,640 after discounts are factored in. Prices of Swiss Watches are very favourable in Singapore and Hong Kong apparently.
  7. Black Bay? Cases are as soft as butter and I think the problem is that the spring bar metal is harder than the case metal so scratches are almost inevitable. I add a small scratch to mine every time I change the strap! If you aren't already doing so, I would definitely push the end-links up from the bottom in future so the spring bar only scratches the under side. As to fixing it, if you are bothered, I would remove the bracelet, find the appropriate very fine Scotchpad and carefully do it yourself. You will probably do a better job than the AD.
  8. hideom

    Buying a Mark XVII

    Okay, well. This may be a question for another thread, but can anyone think of anywhere that would stock NOS watches in Sydney? I don't think we have quite the variety of second hand timepieces that those in Europe, the UK or US do. I'm a little hesitant to go in and try on a new one just now. I'm not sure how the jewelers will respond to someone walking, in trying on a watch, saying 'see you in two years' and walking out again.
  9. Overg, I've owned it for just 10 months. Price- You should be able to get in neighborhood of 10-20% off of retail price from an authorized dealer. They price this watch like they do because they can. Their in house movements are several thousand more expensive and this is a good way for people to get introduced to the brand at a lower (yet still quite expensive) price point. Here's some more on IWC and Valjoux 7750: A popular question answered - From ETA-Valjoux 7750 to Calibre 79320
  10. hideom

    My 1st IWC

    That is a beautiful watch ! Timeless classic design. Not a fan of the iwc big pilot/fleiger types.... The dial layout looks like should have been a Regulator watch complication than a chrono. But good buy nevertheless. Wear it Well friend. cheers On an additional note: I agree it seems effortless to see time in this watch.
  11. We checked the width at a local IWC dealer using the Portofino and it didn´t fit ..
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