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  1. I personally believe it will be several years if not longer. I wouldn't wait to buy a sub until it gets the upgraded movement.
  2. Have added a new Rolex to the collection; a 116000 Oyster Perpetual.. Had a great time at the AD, a dedicated Rolex boutique in Leeds. Spent a while trying on watches and drinking champagne (and even got a bottle thrown in). The two main contenders were the Explorer I and this. In the end the Explorer was just too close to my 14060M Sub and the dial on this is fantastic. It's quite dressy for a bracelet watch too and is incredibly well balanced, with no date to spoil the symmetry. The bracelet is a big step up from the hollow end links, and the clasp is very reassuring and secure. Lume is go
  3. Looks amazing Larry, i didnt know that rubber b had straps with contrasting highlights, like blue stripes. Id love to see it.
  4. Congratulations and welcome. Although I am new here too just wanted to share that I bought my GMT master around the same time, 1995. It was around $2000 new back then. Now, I'm seeing the same watch (16700) sell for around $5-6k at fleabay. A really nice investment in my part :)
  5. 15% nice, whereabouts? I'm interested.
  6. I somewhat agree. Would the black insert work better?
  7. Anything with the Cyclops date magnifier. I can't live without a date and i love Rolex cyclops. Why not a 36mm DJ ? A man looks quiet and correct with one of them.
  8. There is a GMT club so thought I would start Submariner club. Post your pics. I will make a footer image similar to what other forums have, if members want?
  9. You may find this useful Setting the Rolex Explorer II Red 24-hour hand For the Explorer II so should be relevant for the GMT but maybe not so much for the Sub or DJ.
  10. That's sub sure does look nice for some reason. I would go with that.
  11. As my understanding the Chrono (IWC 3714) is much much cheaper than 7 Days (IWC 5001) you can buy Chrono 3714 + new 3hands Aquatimer for the Portuguese 7 days price.
  12. Great to see you back, Dixan. It's been too long. Don't think you had this Portuguese last time we saw you - is that right? The 500107 Portuguese is a beauty enhanced by a very tasteful strap
  13. MJ1958

    My 1st IWC

    Thanks Ron. I meant the Hodinkee strap wouldn't be worn often. Since the blue gator is so perfect. The watch itself hasn't left my wrist since I got it!
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