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  1. Ross

    Got my Sinn U1

    I already had several watches, but always want to buy a new watch. Finally got this Sinn U1 SDR. Now share the shot.
  2. Hello, everyone I'd like to purchase a simple watch, had noticed NOMOS Tangente 38(164), with simple dial and in-house manual winding movement, a perfect one. But it has nothing in stock because of the limited released production. Besides, I saw Stowa watch in a similar style, with manual winding movement, but I need to wait two months to receive it. Finally, read some threads and found GLYCINE INCURSORE series, felt great to 3873. Meanwhile, Panerai is one of the candidates. But I need to save up money to buy it. Now hope you guys offer some good ideas. Detailed requirements ar
  3. Ross

    Seiko VS Nomos

    Here's a comparison review between Grand Seiko SBGR053 vs Nomoz Zurich Anthrazit Datum. http://forums.watchuseek.com/f2/grand-seiko-versus-nomos-1058156.html
  4. Maybe you wonder sometimes, what's the water resistance to your Omega watch. And could you swim with it. Now share this useful chart. (Borrowed from Omega site)
  5. Ross

    A rare AP

    This Canape series is rare. And the arched crystal is unique.
  6. I got a problem of my 1 month old GMT II, noticed all the lume dots are not with even top surface, some of them even collapsed in the middle of it. The grey color can be seen in the middle of the dots under strong light, and the lume material seem to spread in the middle of the dots. So saw the dial color by lume dots. The clearly defects can be seen. Will RSC be able to deal with this problem? Or is it normal?
  7. I am going to sell my ROO, but noticed that I cannot find the warranty card. And this card has not sent to the manufacturer to guarantee the benefit of an extended, three-year warranty. So could you offer some help? Thanks a lot.
  8. Hi guys, I saw a Seiko watch with 6R15 movement yesterday, noticed the movement No. is 6R15-01K0M. But what does 01K0M stand for? I was so confused and looked forward to the reply.
  9. Hi guys, Are there any specific meanings of the eight unique geometric designs in Overseas bezel? There are the same design in the links of bracelet. It looks like the simplified version of Maltese Cross.
  10. It's informative, I also heard that the rice can absorb moisture, and I would try this method to reassure myself. thanks for the advice :)
  11. I set the time of my 16600, pulled the crown to three step, and press the crown after setting the time. But today I noticed I forgot to lock the crown, and I washed the hands with the watch these days, and the watch touched water. So could you give some advice? Dose the water enter the watch? Thanks in advance for any help.
  12. I'd like to share a beautiful song I discovered on You Tube, now enjoy it
  13. Ross


    Automatic watch Diameter: 39mm Thickness: 9.2mm Sapphire crystal Transparent case back. 20mm width bracelet ETA 2824-2 Caliber The movement has Geneva stripes There are the same price with the date or without the date. But Nomos is different. Manual winding watch Diameter: 39mm Height: 7.8mm Sapphire crystal Stainless steel case back ETA 2660 Caliber It is cheaper without date display.
  14. Ross


    Today I'd like to talk about Stowa Antea and Marine. Atowa and Jorg Schauer are from the same company. The dial design looks like Nomos. It is sweep seconds, and divides into manual and automatic winding. The manual winding watch is limited edition. The automatic watch is 299Euro, the manual winding watch is 259 Euro, and the same as the watch with date. So most people agree that Nomos belonged to the poor.
  15. Both sides of the crystal of Lange 1 have anti-reflective coating?
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