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  1. Maxy


    Thanks everyone - got a question. I can hear the ticking sound of the movement when I take it to my ear (round 4 to 5 inches far). Is this normal? Do you guys hear the same noise for 1861 caliber? Compratively, Rolex tends to be more quiet but those are automatics and not self-winding.
  2. Maxy


    Thanks everyone, the pictures doesn't do justice for hesalite but it is great in real life!
  3. Maxy


    I was planning to for Explorer II but then changed my plans for now and got the Speedy. I always wanted one Chronograph. I was confident I would buy the sapphire version with case back display but once I saw both side by side, I couldn't take my eyes from Hesalite version and got it. So, here it is my new speedy - the new version 311. with the new box, Omega Nato and other stuff. Some quick phone pics!
  4. Omega Watches Will Be Officially Certified By New Swiss METAS Certification, COSC Abandoned Today, Omega has announced some very exciting news in regard to how it will certify the performance and accuracy of their timepieces with in-house produced movements. In short, Swiss Omega watches will abandon COSC Chronometer certification in favor of a new and more comprehensive certification by the Swiss government controlled METAS agency. One major reason for this is that moving forward more and more Omega watches will contain the company's Master Co-Axial technology which includes both a unique type of escapement as well as anti-magnetic properties Full Article - http://www.ablogtowatch.com/omega-me...certification/
  5. Maxy

    Incoming Speedmaster

    I think Moonwatch is probably the only watch in its price range with such a strong history and durability. Its actually a bargain compared to other watches. Congrats..
  6. Isn't it obvious you need to complain to Omega - either for replacement or warranty repair? I wouldn't expect you to ignore this issue.
  7. Am at work and its just black screen on the main page. What is it about?
  8. Omega Basel 2015 Tease on Instagram
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