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  1. Looks like a great place for an Omega service. Thanks.
  2. Beautiful watches. But why would you buy 2 exactly the same?
  3. Maxtor

    Omega NZL-32

    Any one out there have any experience with this one? Your thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Maxtor

    New Speedmaster

    Lovely watch. Enjoy.
  5. Maxtor

    My New Addition

    Very nice clean watch. Enjoy.
  6. Maxtor

    New Omega SMP

    I like both the PO and the SMP also... but ended up getting the SMP as it is now discontinued so I thought I might have more opportunity to get a PO later.
  7. Maxtor

    New Omega SMP

    Just got it sized today and it is already a favourite. Thanks for all the good wishes.
  8. Maxtor

    New Omega SMP

    Gently loved Omega SMP 2254.50 just in from David SW. I am using his photo of it as my cell phone snap doesn't do the watch justice. I hope he is ok with that. I am absolutely delighted with it. Thanks David!
  9. Looks great. Enjoy the watch!
  10. Done. Bought a SMP 2254.50 and loving it. Thanks to all for their insights and help. The fit and quality is so good I may be back in the water come the summer looking for the blue one or a chrono with the sword hands.
  11. Thanks Chip. I checked out your website (clicked through on your link). Beautiful watch photos there. Really did a nice job on the Blue Seamaster Pro. I will keep my eyes open on the For Sale side for that one.
  12. Hi Chip, Very helpful photos. What is the clasp like on the AT model? Which do you you find more comfortable to wear... then Seamaster Pro or the AT? The Seamaster Pro is another watch that I am interested in. Thanks. Max
  13. Hi Brian, I had seen the video before but not the photos (which are helpful). I think I will need to track down something of comparable size at a local AD (like your Seamaster) so I can see how it fits on my wrist before I buy on the net). Many thanks for your help. Max
  14. Thanks Brian. I did see some information on the net that suggested the rodium was also used on the indexes, hands and bracelet. It was wear on the bracelet that was a worry for me. WJGESQ, original retail on the watch was approx. $4,600 USD but they seem widely available from internet grey market dealers at $3,300 and one of our TRF sellers had a couple for approx. $2,300 some months ago so they must come up from time to time. I am a bit nervous about how big they wear. They are 42mm across which is fine for me... but on the net I saw they were 15.6mm in depth... this seems very big to me. I have thin wrists and I am currently wearing a 36mm Explorer 1 so don't want anything SeaDweller or DSSD thick. Anyone out there have one of the NZL 32 or comparable sized Aqua Terra? Wrist shots would be very much appreciated. Thanks.
  15. Calling all Omega experts: 2 concerns about the NZL-32 that I would like your input on: 1) Should I be concerned about getting a watch which Omega has discontinued (ie from a service or resale perspective)? 2) What is the impact of the Rodium plating? Does this mean the watch will have problems with the finish in the future? Many thanks.
  16. Thanks for the input. Beautiful watch Chad. I had not seen it with the gold bezel before.
  17. Looking next for a 3 dial chronograph to round out my collection. Lots of Speedmaster info on TRF and is seems like a very good choice. I have tried it on and like the fit and feel. I do like the look of the old style SMP though (I have the 2254.50 and love it). Any advice on the better choice (with reasons) would be appreciated. Also, if you have an alternative chronograph to suggest (it doesn't have to be an Omega) then please do. Pictures would help if possible. I already know about the Daytona (and like it) but it is more than I want to pay right now so I am looking at the under $5K watches. Many thanks.
  18. Nice look. Should have made it bigger!
  19. Incedible watch. Thanks for sharing.
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