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  1. I'm undecided on this one, but big congrats to you, glad you are enjoying it
  2. Well done. That combo looks great. I prefer the glidelock bracelet personally but this is a close second.
  3. Let me google that for you But also, 100m.
  4. Hi All, First of all I start by saying that this is one of my very few posts so if it is not in a good place please move it. For some time now I am prepping to buy an IWC Portuguese Automatic. This will be my 1st IWC purchase and before I make the final decision I would like to get your opinion. In general what should I take into account checking for authenticity of that model? I found some attractive offers on Chrono24 however I am still considering if -30% of retail price is worth a risk. One thing which I’ve noticed in the offers I was looking at is a bit different box where th
  5. First post, I have been looking for that watch and I think I found it - the IWC ref 3878 Spitfire. I have a question, having never owned a high end watch. I really like to have a large second hand - I really don't care for the little hacking second hand on the dial. Can I run the Chronograph all the time and use it as a large second hand? Will it run the watch out of power? Will it wear the watch out? Sorry to ask a pretty simple question. Sorry, searched, found answer, will try to delete thread.
  6. Fenney

    IWC 378901.

    Very likely a fake or issues with watch.. Price is too low. Sent using Tapatalk
  7. Fenney

    IWC 3714-45

    As far as I am aware the size has always been the same. Also at this age it will be a 3714-01, it changed to -45 when the deployant clasp was included.
  8. Terrible mash-up of styles, in my view. I'd avoid
  9. Check out Hadley-Roma, for me an expansion band would be perfect.
  10. Hello, I discovered that the Molnija fits nicely in the small 5th pocket of denim pants... It makes them very nice to wear. Also, I came across an interesting prewar pocket chrono, that I left to my watchmaker to give it a new lease of life (it really needs some love, but the movement is complete). Lastly, Pmwas showed us nice things : Gostrest Tochmekh type 2 pocket watch How about a thread with some pictures of Russian / Soviet pocket watches ? They are sometimes gorgeous, they are often (very) affordable, they can run very well... Here is mine (bogus dial): (I may show a Kristall
  11. That's not lubricating. That's the equivalent of opening the hood, doors, and trunk of your car and pouring a bucket of oil all over the engine, passenger compartment, and trunk.
  12. I have probably purchased over 100 NATO straps over the years, and most of them have been from watchbandgirl on eBay. Durable and the colors stay true after a fair amount of laundering. Plus I always get my items the next day from them, although it's fair to say that they are based about 30 miles from me. Watch out using the term "NATO" strap though. Some jerk supposedly owns the copyright to that and gets really upset if a strap that isn't from his company is called a NATO strap. I've had 3 auctions of mine pulled from eBay for "copyright violations" for using that term in the title
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