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  1. You have good taste in watches and you you buy them from. Congrats!
  2. You sir have a lot of patience, I could barely get to my car before strapping it to my wrist. Enjoy it. Quote:
  3. Thanks guy's, cant stop staring at this thing all day.
  4. It's a watch I can just feel will stay in my collection for good. Quote:
  5. In more than 15 years of watch collecting I don't know how I didn't purchase this sooner. I am in absolute love!
  6. Thanks, now that I added the ring to the mix I think it's the perfect trifecta.
  7. After seeing a thread started by FTX I I was badly in need of the Omegamania ring so I decided to pay the Boutique a visit. They showed me two sizes but alas they were both too big. I decided to order the correct size, but before leaving I found something in the meantime to satisfy the need to get something new. I think they complement each other well.
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