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  1. After narrowing it down to BNLR and SD4K, I went to the AD to try both of them on. BNLR looked great but i preferred the SD4K for some reason. so i went for the new SD4K and here i am happier than ever with my decision Here are some pictures of my new sd4k
  2. I have narrowed it down to BNLR and SK4K 116600. Thanks you guys for your opinion Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. so I've decided not to trade in my Daytona for a AP RO. and I have about $7000~8000 which I am willing to spend on a new incoming. I was thinking of getting back either the sub or IWC 3714. I've had both of them in the past and both of them were all great watches. or should I get a 16610 sub with random serial? or perhaps save a little more for a BLNR? Please help me to choose!
  4. I have both the Daytona and the IWC Portuguese 3714. IWC Portuguese is a great watch and looks amazing on my wrist I'm sure you will be happy with your purchase if you happen to buy one However, I recommend you make the final decision after actually trying it on yourself
  5. Had a smooth, flawless transaction with Thanh Do(takuya). He is certainly a great guy for his sincerity and honesty. It was a pleasure do business with Thanh. Deal with confidence.
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