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  1. My father has a Rolex Cellini 5241 with deployant clasp from the early 2000s. The original leather strap is showing signs of wear and I wanted to get it replaced for him. Does anyone know where I can find an after market or OEM strap that works with the original deployant clasp? I can't find one for the life of me. Thanks in advance!
  2. The picture is displayed. Try refreshing. There is not to the best of my knowledge a Jubilee with end links that would fit the Black Bay case (leaving aside the fact that it sounds like a terrible combination.) If you don't like the BB bracelet, contact your nearest Tudor dealer (or maybe a WUS seller) about the Tudor Ranger bracelet.
  3. I recommend a date just. U can even wear it now n pass on later. I blame it on the autoconnect.
  4. For your question, I would wear the Tudor daily, only so that I could look forward to wearing the sub on weekends. But in reality I would likely wear both daily depending on mood and clothing.
  5. Iv'e heard of a strange thing happening here in Thailand; A watch goes in to a watch shop to be serviced and the watchmaker swaps the Rolex movement to a cheep ETA. And then, the watch owner can't understand why the buzzing. Anyway, the only way to have peace of mind is to have your Wife's watch checked out by your certified watchmaker.
  6. I was but am coming around to it
  7. macdon

    21st Watch

    as the others have mentioned the explorer 2 is a superb choice, and i too would like to acquire the right one someday, but do not buy anything until it has sat on your wrist, and please take a look at ian fleming's watch, the explorer 1. here it is in its modern incarnation.. good luck with your purchase and congrats :)
  8. I love my Submariner but I would love to add an Explorer one day to my collection.
  9. macdon

    New 5513

    Looks great! Congrats on your new Sub!
  10. I'm probably the wrong person to ask. I have a love affair with Subs and SDs. I have 14 Subs and 5 SDs (including the DSSD in this count). I don't have a TT Sub, but I would love to get one with a Serti dial. Of course I would get the TT Sub over the DJ......but typically a DJ does nothing for me.
  11. "When you started to open brick-and-mortar boutiques in high-end fashion districts across the world, the integral models in your lineup saw their DNA spliced into special limited editions so many times over that the the original models began to look like a tired sperm donor." Pretty much sums it up. I guess that's why I've stayed true to my 377701 and 371417.
  12. Hello, Yes, the watch is definitely worth repairing. I'm pretty sure it contains a JLC base caliber 631 "meca-quartz" movement; a hybrid quartz (timekeeping) & mechanical (chronograph) contraption. It was the "It" thing back in the late 80's and 90's and quite expensive. Repair of same will be on the expensive side because of its complexity. I recently had my IWC meca quartz flight chronograph overhauled by IWC for about $350, but it was in operable condition. heb
  13. It will be hard for me to give you an unbiased view as I am a fan - this is another beauty and has a great / nifty movement. It is a significant step up from the 3714 series Chronographs, both in price and complexity / capability of the movement. I really like the "clock-like sub-dial" for chrono-minutes and hours which makes it easier (imho - yvmv) to read elapsed time. Date is another plus. But somehow, this watch is not for me (don't know why - maybe it will grow on me) and prefer the Portuguese Auto (I know, not a Chronograph) and the 3714 series. Rather wooly reply but hope it is still somewhat useful.
  14. Looks nice, mate! Congrats
  15. Is this kind of factory flaw normal? Is it tolerated by other people in this forum? I mean I understand people make mistakes when assembling the watch but this is IWC we are talking about.
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