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  1. I take your points but that Rolex is (I assume) pretty close to a one off and will only adorn the wrist of some super rich chaps good lady if not because of taste then just because of cost. The 007, whilst limited, is a much broader offering. Everyone is entitled to their own taste of course, but I think Omega have made some cracking improvements to the range in the last few years and in my humble opinion the 007 is horribly over branded. Only my opinion so no offence of course...
  2. Sorry but it is.... great opportunity to release something special and they come out with that. Could you imagine Panerai, Rolex etc having something quite as tacky. I'm sure it'll sell but I don't know who too!
  3. Lucky bugger - am yet to see one in the flesh, it looks stunning.
  4. MrTito

    Help JLC id

    Hi all, please forgive me for asking for the benefit of your knowledge - a friend of mine owns a pawn shop - these two watches have become available and I'm quite keen on the top one - which I think (I know the pic is poor) is an original deep sea ? I would be really grateful if anyone could give me any advice or opinion on it - what it is and if there is any rough idea of value? I suspect I'd need it refurbed. Any opinions would be gratefully received. Thanks in advance
  5. Never really been a fan of the Offshore but your pics have completely converted me - a real stunner!
  6. Lucky bugger - am yet to see one in the flesh, it looks stunning.
  7. Can anyone tell me the size of this? Sorry I was being lazy - it's 41mm just a tad too small for me sadly
  8. I love it - but for me only a lady can pull off a full white face and strap. But she's a beauty.... so tempting, would love to see photos when she arrives please
  9. I'd also recommend www.watches.co.uk I sold my seadweller to them and they were superb - informed, knowledgable and very efficient. They also paid an extremely fair price. Much like Blowers they aren't that cheap but usually have a good selection. As already highlighted Blowers are superb.
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