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  1. Mine takes 4 mins to flip over at midnight, longer than I would expect but it doesnt concearn me. My understanding is this may improve as the movement beds in. My watch has been worn daily for around 2 months so its still in its infancy.
  2. Guys I want to get a caseback removing tool, I am leaning toward the Bergeon 5537. However any advice or infromation would be appreciated. thanks Paul
  3. Try an air duster and blast around the bezel and case. This may sort out the blockage
  4. Speedmaster Triple Date? 24 hour Dial at 9 oclock
  5. Sorry Guys, I cant get Deuce Bigalow out of my head when reading this post
  6. BH13GMT

    Speedmaster Mk 4.5

    Awsome watch, nearly bought one, went for the GMT Autavia in the end (wife stopped me getting both). I love the 70's Chrono with a gmt dual time zone option. The 4.5 is my fave Speedy along with the latest Broadarrow GMT a close second. Looking forward to the pics.
  7. Oh- Mug-Uh for me I dont crrently have any from that brand so I am not too worried about the correct pronunciation.
  8. it has the L5100 it may be worth talking to an old school horologist. The movement was used by many makers from that era. Its not an Omega exclusive movement. the omega cost may not be applicable. No harm in asking around.
  9. Poss the best Chrono GMT Day Date watch you can buy. Love them.
  10. For me the Broad Arrow GMT Solar on rubber strap, a date, chrono and dual timezone would be really useful incase you have to be somewhere or make a phone call (with a sat-phone of course)
  11. Awsome I am a fan of the Mark 4.5. something special about a Day Date GMT Crono watch. Great Post Tony
  12. Not a massive omega fan, however that is a good looking watch, ooozes class
  13. ok, being a little sad I have pinched some shots showing a sub, a PO, an IWC and Navitimer in the same show, the on board shots Jeremy jumps between an IWC and the PO several times.
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