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  1. My first swiss was SM Titan 300m electric blue. I got it when I was 17 and I struck the deal when there was a sale... 50% off! 2 years later I sold it to fund another watch. I still regret it today.
  2. chazha

    Valuation needed!! :D

    Hi guys. Long story short. One of my mate got a set of Omegas a couple of years ago. Now he wants to sell them. And to my surprise these three watches are incredibly valuable!!! All watches are untouched with stickers and everything. So I told them that he should pay antiquorum a visit. But before that I would like your valuations as well. Is antiquorum the best option or should he sell the watches via a grey dealer. How much would he be able to cash in for these 3 watches? A complete set of 3 Omega De Ville Co-Axial Skeletons. They should be a limited edition of 30 pieces each. 1 in Platinum, 1 White Gold and 1 Yellow Gold ref. 5912.30.22 ref. 5932.30.23 ref. 5942.30.21 Thanks for your help :D
  3. WyoWatch .. man ur photos are WOOOOW!!! If I keep looking at them I will starting spending money on a new Speedy..
  4. 10 years ago when I was 17 I bought my first swiss watch, an Omega Seamaster 2231.80. For me it was an achievement as well a birthday for myself! every penny was my own money so I was proud of myself. Before this SM I owned a NIKE chronograpph :) and before that it was a Coca Cola watch and some fakes. My local Omega AD was having a 50% discount on ALL MODELS!!!! They had RADO and Breitling as well. 2 years later I sold the watch to fund an upgrade. Initially I was looking for a Rolex TT DJ but after I did more research I went for a Breguet 5907 which I brought back from Lisbon during a school trip. I even got the tax refunded in the lisbon airport even though I lived in Denmark. LOL These guys got no clue. I just hate paying tax! NOT MY PIC As you could imagine a young dude with a classic Breguet just dont cope so I swaped it with another dealer for a new Aquatimer Chronograph 3 years later which I still own today. Days moved on and so did my collection with added pieces from other brands. GMT is not mine :( Linde Werdelin..... Raw danish design :) 312 with Gunny strap the watches are pilling up but I still regret that I sold my SM since day 1... its been eating me ever since. For about a month ago I saw DAVIDSW had this very same watch for sale and I knew its now or never. Ive seen this model for sale from other users from other fora but hey you never know you gonna get the real stuff or not. So BUY the seller never the watch as thumb rule! so here is my first love!! So today I made a commitment! No more new watches!!! AP ROO not included!-------> gone into Rolex vintage..oh crap. Its never gonna end!
  5. chazha

    Harry Winston ?

    Whats the price tags of these watches. Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk 2
  6. my next watch will be an AP.. Im drooling on Panda atm.. :D ur pics have rly turned me on. gotta try a navy in RL.
  7. thanks for the pics.. awesome watch!!
  8. I am looking for 2 rollies that thry dont have in stock at this moment. Sent them 2 emails but they never responded. And yeah their prices is flowing with the gold chart:) If you are looking for a UK dealer try hackett watches. Great guy in central london. Dealt with him once.
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