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  1. Nice watch and I agree with some of the other opinions here. I live on the west coast of Florida and our tropical weather year around supports sports watches like Rolex Subs and alike. I see quite a few around here from time to time but waay more trendy watches like iWatches and FitBits. Myself, I got my Sub for a graduation gift from Grad school and I went with the green bezel 16160LV, nice thing about it is that I never see one of these in the wild and funny thing is that when some see my watch they think it's fake because it doesn't have a black bezel. But those who know I always get a nice compliment on it. Enjoy yours.
  2. Is there any difference between this one and the BLNR? Do they have the same blue lume like the subC? What are fellow member's opinion about this particular model? The less loved cousin of the BLNR
  3. Congratulations! Beautiful watch!
  4. I think we need a bit of two-tone colour in this thread
  5. Brandy-L

    £1000 ROLEX?

    Ok, how much would you suggest
  6. NATO GMTIIc on a NATO or Oyster rubber - Photos PLEASE Brushed bracelet http://www.rolexforums.com/showthrea...ht=gmt+brushed
  7. Yes and No it is if you worry about it but some people think it gives a watch character and shows history. Granted major ones I would sort out but you can be sure the first time after you have it cleaned you wear it you will scratch it. Its like when I broke my hand the more careful I was not to knock it I knocked it on things.
  8. I think it looks great on you wrist. For my own personal style, I am strictly stainless steel - but you can pull it off.
  9. Brandy-L

    IWC Pilot Ref Help

    IWC members, I am coming over from Breitling and Omega forums, since last week I had stumble upon a pre loved IWC pilot that caught my eye. Since this could be my first IWC, I was hoping to get some help from our community to get some more info and to see if it is real or fake. Here are the photos for the IWC timepiece: Thanks for all your help! Much appreciated! Best, Richard
  10. Most likely an independent watchmaker won't have or be able to obtain a pusher. My advice is to go to http://www.iwc.com/en/retail/ and select Asia as your region and then select Singapore. You'll find a list of boutiques and authorized dealers that will help you out. An oxidized dial probably means the watch wasn't encased properly. The cost of a refinish will probably be similar or higher than getting a brand new one through IWC.
  11. Brandy-L

    Incoming! Portuguese

    It looks good on your wrist. Congrats on your Portuguese!
  12. jack freedman is good: he serviced my ti and st 3536's. About Superior Watch Service
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