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  1. Thanks for the replies guys... expected many more but I guess everyone is buys with the holidays !! I might SOON pull the trigger on this one !
  2. Hi, I have been looking to add an Omega to my collection. I currently have a Sea-Dweller. So, I was thinking of going for a Speedmaster as I already have a dive watch. After surfing for a while.... this beauty sings to me. Always wanted a panda dial. What do you guys think? If anyone owns it, please post actual pics and also share your experience with the watch. Thanks much.
  3. Congratulations Kyle ... Hope I will get to see them in our next GTG !!
  4. I am even more encouraged to buy the GMT.. but the blue bond model... that is just stuck in my head.....
  5. Hi, Lately, I wanted to buy an Omega Seamaster... was looking into SMP but the Seamaster GMT (Bond Style) sings to me... I am totally amused by it. Below is the link of the watch I am talking about.. http://www.omegawatches.com/gents/se...m-gmt/25358000 I am looking for a LINB or mint pre loved one here on TRF and on other forums... very hard to find one... Why ? Is this model not that popular ? Please help me understand.
  6. Awesome buddy.... I didn't know you were so much into Omega as well.... I think I should take your advise for my next purchase which might be a Seamaster GMT bond model... with the new co-axial movement.
  7. Hi Friends, Let me introduce you to my latest addition.... loving it !! Hope you will like it too !
  8. When that happens, I feel like I left a part of me at home !
  9. Had a smooth transaction with Touring. Another class member on TRF.
  10. Had a silky smooth transaction with broncophil. Purchased the Exp II that he had for sale and everything went perfect. Kept me posted all along. Deal with confidence. Another truly awesome member on the forum. Cheers, PS
  11. Has a smooth transaction with WannaGMT. Payment was made promptly. Overall a smooth transaction. Another great member on the forum. Thanks, PS
  12. I purchased Rolex Parts from misiekped "Mike" and they arrived safely. He was very informative and answered all my questions promptly. Very smooth transaction overall. Another great TRF member. Deal with confidence. I will go back to him again and again. Thanks, PS
  13. Had a smooth transaction with illmatickal. Another great member of the forum. True Rolex enthusiast. Deal with confidence.
  14. Had a smooth transaction with Rudy. Great communication and fast payment. Easy to deal with. Another awesome member of the forum. Thanks, PS
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