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  1. Happy to join in, here's my Daytona. Cheers Paul
  2. I live in rural Appalachia, and I never see other Rolex watches......let alone a Sub. With that said.....I do usually see a sub when I travel. I'm not affected by what others think or wear though.
  3. Nice! Perfect for adding water to an Islay Scotch Whisky. Have a google, there is some information about them on various forums. Sorry for the loss of your mum.
  4. It's been such a long time since I bought a new watch that I cannot speak to 'right out of the box' accuracy, but I have become a believer in a 'settle in' period after having my newly serviced watches vary in accuracy for about a two week period. I've found that my watches, worn right from a service and timing adjustment run both fast and slow for about 14 days and then, like magic, stabilize and time out to within a second or two a day. Because I've got more than one watch, the condition also includes some time on a winder. Of course, your mileage may and probably will vary.
  5. My heart says SBDX012 since it's produced in very limited numbers. But the fad for this watch seems to have faded off quite abit these days ... Sigh decisions, decisions, decisions ...
  6. My first Rolex was a TT Datejust. About 12 years after buying that one, I'd convinced myself that the next one would be the TT Sub like you're looking at. However, the moment I walked into a dealer and tried it on and then a SS Sub, I immediately knew that the only TT Rolex I like is that Datejust. I bought the SS Sub (and later, a SS GMT II). Not for nuthin', the champagne dial may become harder to read as you get older. I had Rolex change it to the silver dial with gold stick markers when it was serviced back in 2000.
  7. Thanks Guys.. yes.. my preference is still for the Pilot, However I did a bit of search and found out that the Pilot Caliber number 79320 and not standard 7750. Do you know if 79320 is the version of 7750 required by IWC to ETA? I am start getting a bit lost with movements now..
  8. IWC crew, Not sure how or when it happened, but I have fallen for the Ingenieur line. It will probably be a year or more before I decide it's time to pull the trigger, but I have decided to start the requisite research and grey market watching. I have tried using the search function (which needs some work) and done some Google browsing, but cannot seem to find a definitive guide to the design history, reference numbers with dates of production and (best case scenario) pictures. If it doesn't exist, well it doesn't exist. But before I open an excel spread sheet and start what I think will
  9. I've also dreamed about owing a Portuguese for about 12 years. However, yesterday I bought the Portofino 8 Days with Silver face. Just fell in love with it!
  10. That's how it should be, really - the whole regulation exercise prob took a whole of 5 minutes, plus 5 mins o open the case, 5 mins to close it and 1 min to do a water-resistance check, that's all. Hate it when these brands make it sound like they are sending a spaceship to Mars, and charge those crazy prices for simple, easy to do jobs.
  11. If u like the Breitling get it, I have owned if few watches of all the brands u have mentioned except JLC, I am a big Rolex fan and at that price point would be my first choice it is a bit small but wears well plus 5 year warranty and 10 year service interval. The Omega is nice but I am not a fan of the coaxial movement. IWC would be my second choice but I would opt for an Ingenieur AMG ceramic which could be had for $8-$9000 or the titanium for $5000, which I got myself today.
  12. Dear IWC lovers and fans , i recently bought a beautiful 120 years edition of the 3740 Chrono in Gold from 1988. Unfortunantly you cannot see from the 120 pieces made worldwide which one is this as the backside of the watch is worn down . I live in the Netherlands and the IWC in Amsterdam shop mentioned its possible to send the watch over to Switzerland . Would that make sense Ladies and Gents ? I also would like to understand what the initial price was 1988 when the sold the edition the first time . Can somebody help me with that ? I saw after receiving the model , bought online via
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