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  1. wasn't the case an ounce of either gold or SS?????
  2. All kidding aside, I am an independent multi line sales rep selling bldg. material(s) to the building/construction trades/distributors. I have sold a plethora of various tangible product, business to business over the years......& my peers have dubbed me "the Dr. of sales"
  3. my watchmaker doesn't wear those little finger gloves...he does a great job though!
  4. You will love your Rolex when you get it back from RSC San Francisco...they do excellent work. Because it has sentimental value...it'll be twice as valuable & you will quickly forget the money. You can't put a price on family memories. Whenever I wear my fater's Rolex I am always happy.
  5. I have 2 1655 explorer 2's w/ that clasp, have had them since new, never a problem...it's my favorite style clasp, I like it better than the newer ones that mimic the oyster bracelet links.
  6. I'm a 1951 model.....I wonder if he can make me look that good. Your Sub is magnificent.
  7. I have a Rolex strap buckle, but the Rolex strap I have tapers, 20mm lug width, to 18 or 16mm at buckle.
  8. I had my 1963 DJ serviced last year at an independent, an AD that has a staff of 3 watchmakers....reason I had it serviced was it was not running well...it needed it...this shop did a complete service...$350. They did a great job & watch is running like new! Since Rolex closed their RSC here in L.A., I'm not wild about sending my Rolexes to Dallas.
  9. Bon jour Cru........for a non lug hole equipped Rolex, the Bergeon 6825-PF tool is the one......not the Bergeon 6825 model.
  10. I wear them the way I like my women......loose!
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