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  1. Wow John, that's a lot of help. Thanks!
  2. If you had to chose one and it would be your only Omega, which one would you go for? 2254.50.jpg 2538.20.jpg
  3. Hello, I have an Omega Speedmaster Automatic 3529.50.00, the Michael Schumacher day/date/month one. It's currently on a bracelet and I'm looking for a leather strap, preferably carbon fiber or maybe black with white stiching. My question is, what size are the lugs? I tried my 20mm nato and it's a little tight. So I'm not sure, is it a 19mm, 18mm ... or 20mm? Thanks
  4. MYK

    New (to me) Big Size PO

    Thanks a lot guys, I will try removing a link today. P.S "No more Mr. Nice Guy" :p
  5. MYK

    New (to me) Big Size PO

    There are a total of three links removed, 2 from the 12 o'clock side and 1 from the 6 o'clock side. If I were to remove one, it only makes sense that I remove it (or half a link) from the 6 o'clock side ... right?
  6. MYK

    New (to me) Big Size PO

    So I just pulled the trigger on this PO and I'm loving it. I was worried about the size since I have small hands, but I think I'm pulling it off. I haven't resized it yet. What do you guys think? A link, half a link, or should I just leave it as is? I don't mind the current setup as I like my watches a little loose, since I never remove them even when asleep. I'm just concerned that if I leave it this loose, it would damage (stretch?) the bracelet. Any insight would be highly appreciated.
  7. MYK

    Black SMP Bond

    What was once a serious turn off (to me) towards this watch, is now what I love most about it. Skeleton hands. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1339971245.987022.jpg ImageUploadedByTapatalk1339971112.211527.jpg
  8. Went ahead and bought a black SMP bond, quartz.
  9. It might be worth mentioning that the SMP is BNIB from an AD, while the IWC is 5 years old on a fairly worn out strap and probably in need of a service. The price is almost the same. At some point, I've craved both watches. I'm in love with the pilot but not sure how it will take being my daily wearer especially in summer. Also, I would need a third watch for when I go swimming. I swim with my Daytona but would prefer another for when I travel, etc.
  10. I'm buying one of the these watches to be my daily wearer. I already have a white Daytona that is my grail and need something I can wear for every occasion. I'm leaning towards the Omega because of the bracelet and overall sturdiness but the IWC is just gorgeous and it's an auto. And no, an auto SMP is not an option, it has to be one of the above. What do you think? The blue quartz SMP or black IWC pilot mark XV on black leather.
  11. MYK

    Was Jeremy Clarkson right?

    Appropriate music? ImageUploadedByTapatalk1340181536.139269.jpg
  12. MYK

    Was Jeremy Clarkson right?

    What he said? Well, he was an Omega fan to start with. I don't agree with this statement but I can now see why he loves the brand so much. "For some time now Ive been on the hunt for a new one but the choice is tricky. I couldnt have a Breitling because I dont own an Audi. I couldnt have a Calvin Klein because they are pants, I couldnt have a Gucci because Im not a footballists wife, I couldnt have a TW Steel because my wrist isnt big enough to sport something that can be seen from space, I couldnt have a Tissot because Im not eight and the only thing in the world worse than a fake Rolex is a real one."
  13. MYK

    Was Jeremy Clarkson right?

    Rolex has always been on the top of my list. I had a Panerai phase (still love them). I respect and hope to someday own one of the Haute Horlogerie brands; AP, PP, VC, Breguet, Blancain, Glashutte Original and the list goes on and on. However, Rolex has always been number one. Omega on the other hand wasn't even in my top ten list. I have previously owned a SMP 2254 and a Speedmaster Auto and had loved them, but Rolex to me was in another league. I have a trip coming up that is going to be filled with activities, from skiing to swimming (Dubai) and everything in between. Not wanting to take my Daytona and not being able to afford a Sub, I bought myself a black SMP 300 Quartz. Today, for the third time in a row, I wear my Daytona and take it off within an hour. I'm comparing a 94' rattly 16520 to a BNIB Omega but still, the Seamaster feels so much better. The bracelet puts Rolex to shame and the hards are amazing. I still love Rolex but I have grown a lot of respect towards Omega.
  14. How much of a price increase are we talking here?
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