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  1. any dive shop will sell you oxy compatable grease , its great stuff , kind on rubber and a 1g tube will last forever
  2. a good tool shop will have a range of good small screwdrivers , ck , facom or the likes , take your watch with you , and they will have something decent that fits. trust me , you will know when you have the .. right .. screwdriver in your hand , as it really will .. fit.. its just a feeling but you will know. if your not sure what i mean , and im not trying to be smart , give it to a jewler. a slip is a painfull scratch to have to look at .
  3. it starts life creamy gold in colour , white would look too stark on a golden watch.
  4. tooth paste and a tooth brush does it for me.
  5. oh , to extend the link , just press the link on the inside of the clasp with your thumbnail ,,,, pop , out it comes .... after you have done it twice it will seem obvious. t
  6. hi , when you close the divers extension link , you fold the flat thin piece back into the clasp , it clicks into place then , and this is important , the next link and the one beside it , the one with the notch , make a shallow v , about thirty degrees , then slot the notch in behind the pin still inplace in the clasp , it should be a very shallow v now ,,,, about ten degrees,,, then just press the v of the two links , and it will click closed into the clasp... hth , if you already do this , sorry for the above ..
  7. hi , are you sure your putting the clasp back properly ,,, it snaps overcenter and thats it , no bumpy bit on the screw , i have a couple of these , and they look like your pic . its the snap of the overcenter that holds things in place. hope that makes sense
  8. mine looks just like that ,,, you sure its broken.
  9. winder out and put it in the hot press ,, it will help , then decide what to do , but at least the water will be out and not doing any more damage..
  10. quality tools will pay for themselves every time.
  11. a lathe is a wee bit more than a few tools ,,,wow , thats serious stuff.
  12. dont know anything about bearings in watches , but the close up pics are great. good luck sorting out the wobble
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