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  1. Sandpaper! Works for me! My bracelet is about as thin as a alligator strap though
  2. Incredible video thanks for sharing. It got me thinking, with so many individual parts how could anyone know for a fact that if they bough a used Rolex used either off TRF or or even a AD, that the watch was never opened. Is there a way to tell if a Rolex was ever opened outside the factory? If one single gear was replaced with a aftermarket gear or whatever no one would ever know, but the watch movement would not be original. Im curious how a TRF top seller or even used Rolexs that AD's sell would ever know either as well? Im sure if they bought a used watch or got it from a trade in they have someone check out the movement. But still, even the best of the best wouldnt know if a aftermarket Rolex spring or gear was swapped into the watch. I mean there are what, 200+ parts easily! Its impossible to tell every single one is original isnt it? Half the parts in the movement have no markings on them anyways so youd never be able to distinguish real from fake. Its just food for thought. Ill still be buying my watches from TRF being 99.9% sure everything is 100% Rolex. I guess my point is, its impossible to tell if the movement is 100% original unless you bought the watch directly from a AD and it wasnt used. Sent from my Motorola Razor
  3. The ocd from the watch will fade away. Let the scratches come and get them polished out professionally as needed. ( every 6 months for me if its a daily wearer ) Sent from my Motorola Razor
  4. Okay so I have had my DJ 116200 for a couple years now and I love it and all but I feel that I am just bored of it and don't enjoy wearing it as much as I used to. So, Im trying to sell it locally and get an omega seamaster P.O 2209.50 42mm with the orange bezel and stainless steel band. This way, I will have a watch that I like more and also have some money left over to start saving towards a different Rolex in the future. What do you guys think?
  5. If you have a SM or SMPO co or non co doesnt matter post a pic!
  6. Thanks for your opinion Jon im making my decision at 12:00 pm eastern time today=D ill post pics!
  7. lmao wow that guy doesnt know what he wants!
  8. i thought james bond wears the 45
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