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  1. Yes, good point.....the white strap is what changes the look drastically....the mesh or orange are the way to go!!
  2. Nice looking but a little feminine imo
  3. Remember the Ulysses Nardin (no idea how to spell that) cell phone? Also Tag Heuer cell phone. Watchmakers have dabbled in these items before. No demand, very select few were interested and a niche product. However apple appeals to the masses and might pull off selling some of the gold smart watches. Other than that I really don't think that the people that buy rolexes are interested in rolex putting something like this out.
  4. Yes for me, but its because of my work environment.
  5. Nope, I do want the new garmin fenix 3 for hiking however.
  6. Wow this is not what I expected at all. Thanks guys! I thought more people would have some safe queens....
  7. I wanted to get some fresh opinions on this subject. Many here have multiple watches and it seems like most have a favorite, or two. I am interested to see if some fellow TRF patrons here simply put some watches on standby rather than flipping. Also are there any people out there that collect some watches and don't wear them? Keeping them BNIB? 1. Whats the longest you have not worn a watch that you own? 2. Do you have any BNIB that are for collection purposes only? 3. Do all your watches get wrist time?
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