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  1. you should do one for all rolex.... maybe you'll get some super rare submissions
  2. It's been a great week for buying watches for me this week. The first one was a 1953 6298 pre-Explorer at a pawnshop in Tennessee and the second a 1989 1002 with box and papers. The 1002 is running about a minute fast per hour and the seconds hand isn't moving. I'm taking it in for service next week but was wondering if this is just a case of a dirty movement rather than something broken. Any thoughts? CC
  3. Beh. Looks like a boy's watch to me.
  4. Cool looking watch, quite a bit of vintage flair to it. But for the price point there's the Speedmaster Pro which is more classy in design and proportion for me. and then there's the chrono module construction vs integrated chrono movement debate.
  5. If you are dead-set on a ladies size, I would consider the ladies platinum/SS Yachtmaster. Otherwise, I might consider a 14060M for her. Good luck
  6. I personally love both, and have had the red BB and the SBDX001. Which of these is more diffcult to get for you? If the SBDX012 is difficult for you to get, I suggest getting that first and then a used BB as it pops up from time to time.
  7. Chriseek

    New Portuguese?!

    Wow, two spring barrels and an increased beat rate could significantly increase the accuracy of the new calibre. This would make my Big Pilot with its calibre 5001 obselete (or just more obselete given the general state of anachronism that characterizes mechanical watches). I think it's worth waiting for the new model, I unless you like the retro aspect of the current generation of calibre 500X movements. I'll be keeping mine despite its eccentricities. Given your interest in movements and the technologies behind watches, have you taken a look at the El Primero? Servicing will also be more consistent as it is unlikely to be replaced by some new passing trend.
  8. Hi All, There does not seem to be a lot of love for the IWC Mark XVII out there. I really like Pilot watches and having went through a number of Bremonts I bought a Mark XVII last September. I admit to being a strap addict so thought it may be of interest to show the watch on various straps including the fantastic stock bracelet. IWC Alligator Bremont Black-White Leather. BOB strap- Big Pilot Style Black BOB strap- Big Pilot Style Brown Di-Modell - Brown Di-Modell-Black Merry Christmas ! cheers, Michael
  9. So you might say... IWC has left John dreaming with a broken heart?
  10. Hello....I bought an IWC Porsche Design watch at a vintage stall. I thought it was genuine, but I'm told it could be a fake. I didn't pay much for it. The watch feels great - but I'm no expert. Can anyone help? Kind regards, Davidos.
  11. Chriseek

    IWC Links

    good evening, thank you for your response. What is an expansion band?
  12. Will measure and reply. My wrist is 6.5 looks good
  13. I agree with phd. Unless you have a seriously defective power tool, I doubt this could be the reason. Maybe the vibration and impact?
  14. When I received my Raketa SAE16, I fell instantly in love and I decided to buy a 1 MChZ Antarctida which is, in my opinion even more rare. I received 2 days ago, and how to say... at first, I was a bit disappointed the watch is all but spectacular. It looks like an average Sportivnie. Then you learn to appreciate its simplicity, you feel fortunate of the good condition of watch... and you're just happy to own a piece of History. I ordered a cognac ostrich leg strap, with green army stitching and an undercase to have also a bund variant. The only thing at the moment is that I cannot wear the Raketa because the crystal falls off too easily, I need to find a solution. I am also a bit disappointed with the strap and its suede finish, but that is my mistake... Here are the picture, showing all the contrast between the baroque Raketa and the austere 1 MChZ:
  15. Yes, that's what happened to me too. Bitten by the Russian watch bug!
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