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  1. Since you haven't attached a picture to your post, no, I don't recognize it.
  2. The Oyster perpetual 114300 is $6750 in Canada.
  3. Can't go wrong with either, just boils down to whether you would prefer to have a date feature.
  4. ^^ lol awesome dude Personally, I think they did ok with the original's. My favorite would be the sd4000 guards. (Of the newer cases)
  5. It's Michael Young of Classic Watch Repair, and he's considered the gold standard of bracelet restoration at a reasonable price on the majority of watch forums. His prices are on his searchable web site. Offer whatever medication you need to settle your buddy's stomach. Registered mail from the USA to Hong Kong will protect the goods. Long before you arrived with this post, lots of other Rolex owners have shipped off solid gold (including me back in '07) bracelets without any worries. The only downside to Mr. Young is that he's more interested in dealing with bracelets than he is with communicating with anxious bracelet owners, so don't necessarily expect immediate email responses as to the status. Just chill out and wait for what should be a 'like new' result.
  6. Hi all, Yesterday I purchased a 2001 Explorer II with a 3185 movement inside. It occured to me that there is some play in the entire hand set (hour, minute and GMT hand) when I have it on the 2nd 'click' (hour setting). I have made a quick video of it. It shows more play than I have seen in other videos of the 'wiggle'. Is this normal? Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnyBh7UzlxY
  7. Can you please link the one on the Omega forum? *Found on Google :p what omega owners drive
  8. I think it's a cool looking sporty watch, it won't be very versatile as it's quite a casual watch. My only issue and it maybe just that review watch but the date isn't centred which would Bug me.
  9. You must be kidding. Right?!
  10. ok.. you're being stupid, just enjoy it :) seriously though, i wouldn't worry.. a lot of people today wear big garish blingy pieces of crap everywhere that come nowhere near the history and craftsmanship of your watch, so wear what you love and congrats.
  11. Thanks for clarifying the situation regarding your original photo. With regard to a nameplate in the box, I've bought five IWCs (all from ADs) in the last eight years and none had a plate in the box. From MHe225's post it would appear that IWC are including the plate with certain models only. I suggest you speak to an AD to determine which box would have originally been supplied with a particular watch. Good luck in your search. Regards Rick
  12. Willl

    Incoming, First IWC!!

    can't wait to see pics Matt. the yacht club pieces are gorgeous!
  13. I myself wear it on OEM IWC brown croc strap + folding buckle. Love this combination.
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