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  1. Nice one! I have a S/S SubC myself, I could never pull off gold, but my father would love one! I wonder how durable it is compared to the 904L steel.
  2. Hi all, I've been given a watch by a family member to sell but have absolutely no idea how much it is worth. From my post in the public forum I have discovered the following... "Solar was an in store Brand of Eaton's Departments stores. A Canadian retailer I believe. I understand they used very good movements. Your watch is as someone else mentioned a Canadian branded watch made by Rolex, at this time Rolex sold watches with FHF movements in North America these are deemed as being less prestigious than the Aegler movements in European Rolex's, but they are really just as good". Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I am looking to sell it. The detail in the picture below are as follows... Face: "Solar Aqua" "Anti Magnetic" "Swiss Made" Back: "257431" Inside casing: "Oyster Watch Co" "Geneva-Swiss" "RWC Ltd" "2784" Movement: "Swiss Made" "17 Rubie" "ARFS or AFRS" Thanks, Chris
  3. I'm pretty sure that's not a Rolex. The coronet, in addition to not being centered, looks cheap. The 1 o'clock marker isn't centered between the indices on either side of it. Oh, and there's no actual rule against asking for or giving valuation opinions. It's just frowned upon.
  4. There is hardly any noticable stick. when turning it with my eyes closed i get it right on the reset "stick" about 4/10 times. On the previous one it was a lot more forcible and I could do it 10/10 times. (Does that make sense) It doesn't effect the bezel in anyway, it's still fantastic and smooth etc, it's just an annoyance more then anything else
  5. Hi all, First time posting in the Rolex & Tudor Forum (Excited!) Due to me now owning a brand new Pelagos! Im just wondering about its accuracy and also its "settling in period" I purchased the watch less then 24 hours ago and have worn it since my credit card got swiped at the AD's. From 1pm - 10.30pm it was +5sec. I reset the time at about 12:30am and woke up today after a nice lie in at 10:30am and it was +3sec. Obviously I know it is well within parameters set by Tudor, its just that on my previous Breitling Avenger Seawolf using the same 2824-2 movement (obviously without the Tudor mods but instead using Breitling mods (if any) was +/- 1sec a day (In its worse week ever it gained 5 seconds). Im hoping (with a prayer or 2) that it gets better as the week goes on as if its gaining +14 in 24 hours thats nearly 7 minutes a month and I kinda hoped (ETA or Not) that the movement being supplied via Tudor/Rolex would be a bit better then that (Infact if this is the case, it would be the least accurate auto I've had) So I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experience. It also pains me when all the reading I've done is about people mentioning how accurate it is.....When mines not! Also on the above point, I've also read a few cases where the accuracy has been out by about +15 sec a day and its had to go to Rolex or Tudor (whichever AD you live nearer) To get regulated......Surely i shouldn't be having this with a new watch from such a *Prestigious* Brand ?! Has there been some QC issues? Thoughts please Liam
  6. Just my personal opinion, but the only time I would send a watch to RSC is for warranty work. I would send it to ABC Watchwerks myself.
  7. Usually when I ask about it in AD's they look like they've been confronted by the antichrist, but is any discount available on Tudor watches? im after either the new pelagos or north flag. thanks Dom
  8. Club , group , gang (lol) ..... there are lots for the submariner , lets see some GMT love (+ pics) Mike B , Canada ⌚
  9. Could be grey market. In saying that 30% off from an AD is not unheard of; I've gotten close to that from my AD
  10. Dear all, I am on the market for a IWC, and torn between IWC Portofino Hand Eight Day (IW510103) vs. Portugese IW371446.....Any input , recommendation would be appreciated... Also - I browsed the forum, and most experts advice to buy from AD, and claim that AD would negotiate the price.....I tried Tourneau in Chicago this weekend and they won't budge...the max they offered me was a $250 gift certificate. Please, advice. Thank you
  11. For the complete service, they take the movement apart and clean and replace parts when necessary.
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