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  1. I have no idea and also look forward to the reply
  2. Hello everyone, I've owned this watch for a year, and now want to share it on a whim. Meanwhile, I was captured by the IWC Aquatimer Automatic Chronograph IW376706, but very litlle information was given about it. And few people share it. So I would be sincerely appreciated if anyone share some photos of 376706. Well, show the pics.
  3. I bought this watch last week in HK, but there were a scratch on the crystal, only in the strong light can we saw. I was disappointed that I just worn it a weeks. Now share the photos to you.
  4. My family gave me this MOVADO 605152 as a gift several years ago, the case back wrote water resistant, so could I take a bath with it? And what about the movement? Meanwhile, this watch was idle for a few years, should I maintained it? Thanks.
  5. Does anyone tell me where did this watch come from? Thanks.
  6. I was satisfied with this watch, which has a mother-of-pearl dial. Well, just let the shots speak
  7. Bought this CEM65001 in good condition a month ago, but last week I noticed a problem on the crown, I cannot screw it back on, and set the day directly when I pressed it. The crown cannot be moved, any opinion? Or I got a broken crown? I took a bath with this watch, any effect? The shot:
  8. They are the same size on the Internet, just want to consult what is the difference between them, such as movement, price, transparent case back and so on. Any input would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. Lieo1

    IWC lady's watch

    Hi guys, Recently purchased a Portofino IW3565, I plan to give this watch to my wife. But the original band is too expensive. So could you guys recommend some lady's band with high quality.
  10. Did you know Breitling Spatiographe has discontinued production? I was fond of the chronograph design. And the appearance is unique. http://www.cagi-due.co.jp/breitling/39.htm
  11. I plan to purchase a Bretling watch. But cannot decided between diving or pilot watch. I love Breitling watch because of its big face, style and craftsmanship. But I am afraid the diving watch is too heavy, and the pilot watch is easy to enter water. So any ideas? Thanks for any input.
  12. Are they the same movement? If not, 2226 and 2326, which one is the new model? Thank you for any replies.
  13. It is difficult to press the chronograph button, is there any problem? Or should I need to wash oil? Thanks for the reply.
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