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  1. Perfect reasoning, almost like listening to myself thinking out loud, the only difference is I am nowhere near the 4-7k mark. ^^ Enjoy!
  2. Yeah, that dial I've seen; I haven't seen it with a central second or with the dot rail. I will say though, in all fairness, Rolex did do a lot more experimenting back then than they do now. It's also got yellow gold indices on a steel watch, which modern Rolex doesn't do; but again I can't swear an older one wouldn't.
  3. Are you sure??? The 'stick' is very subtle.........
  4. Value retention is the wrong reason to buy any luxury watch. It implies either financial unreadiness for such an expenditure, or a lack of appreciation for a particular watch's intrinsic worth. Uniqueness is a semi-reasonable criteria ... if you're the sort of person who wants to be a total snob about having something (almost) no one else has. The only reasonable criteria? The watch that you yearn for, that fits comfortably, that looks good on your wrist, and that you can afford. If the Sea Dweller meets those criteria better than the Sub, then your decision is an easy one. If the Sub edges out the SD, same thing. A trip to an AD to try both on will assist you in that discernment far more ably than soliciting opinions here.
  5. hello My wife has a 31mm datejust which we got within the last two years, today when playing with a cat toy she noticed the watch shook and seemed to buzz- like one of those old buzzer gag toys I took it and tried to swirl it and sure enough I could feel something like the mainspring "letting loose" with the watch slightly vibrating and buzzing. figuring this isn't normal but wondering if anyone else had experienced anything like this? thanks
  6. I felt the same way between the Explorer II and Sub no date. I really wanted a polar Explorer, but felt like it wouldn't get much wrist time with the white face as a Sub would. So, I got a no date Sub, 14060, and rationalized that I'd get the polar later.
  7. I think he started out with the 2541 (Quartz) and then to the 2531.
  8. Love the brutal honesty, dhtjr. Thank you. I needed to hear that. I guess there are a few things that crazy glue can't actually fix. :)
  9. You just got a pm from me with her email.
  10. Thank you guys. But with the contradicting assessments, I still am not sure. Albranius, I'm new to this site. How do I find the IWC forum? Is it a forum within watchuseek or is it a separate site altogether? Does anyone else have any expertise to share about the looks of this movement? I still find it strange that there is no jewel count. However, this watch did come with box, booklet, and the card with the hologram sticker (and the serial number on the card matches the watch). I appreciate everyone's help.
  11. I recently picked up a Mark XII and am concerned about the date alignment. Since I've never used an instantaneous date change watch before, I'm not sure if the date is supposed to slowly move up throughout the evening. This is what it looks like at 9pm. Thanks in advance.
  12. As the title says, I recently purchased a 377704, and I've been wearing it during showers, no problem at all, but I wonder how the rubber o ring works on the pusher, how it is placed, does it open the seal while the pusher is pushed all the way down, or half way down? I noticed the pushers on the 3777 is pretty easy to press in half way, but it will only register with the movement with a firm press.. I tried to search but only a few posts came up from RWI/RWG, so that doesn't count
  13. hi, I've seen a second hand version of this available for a fair bit less than a new one (obviously). The year the second hand one was made i think was 2006 - it would APPEAR that there are no differences that I can see between a 2006 model and a more recent model. It has 44 jewels according to the seller. But are there? Am I missing anything? It will work out to be about $3000 USD cheaper buying the second hand one compared to new. Not sure whether to pay the extra for a new one..... do you have any thoughts, I have never bought a second hand watch but this is from a very reputable seller. Let me know what you think!
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