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  1. Do these companies have access to genuine Rolex parts? My guess is yes, but the websites don't say specifically.
  2. Explorer 39mm is a phenomenal watch. Candidly, I did not really appreciate the design, comfort or overall appeal until I tried one on at the dealer, eventually making it my second Rolex purchase.
  3. Come one guys, we're being left behind. There's got to be more Daytona owners here!
  4. FeyM

    21st Watch

    Explorer I would be my recommendation.
  5. I know buying Rolexs off ebay can be a bit dangerous. If I am looking for a completely original Rolex on ebay for a decent price who are the sellers you guys recommend?
  6. I have not seen one of these in Red in the flesh. Probably a good thing, otherwise, my bank balance might likely take another hit! My Black Bay (Blue) does get positive comments more than my other watches, too.
  7. Received mine for Christmas, was a wonderful surprise from my wife. @ MTB2104 I really like it on the brown leather, I will have to look into that.
  8. You saved some money and bought from a third party without a Rolex warranty. This is the risk you take by doing that. It's unfortunate that when you did this, you apparently didn't understand that grey market warranties are essentially non-warranties. Rolexes are well-made and reliable, but 1) occasional problems are going to happen no matter how well-made a brand's watches are, and 2) because you got it through a GM dealer, you have no idea what happened to that watch before you received it. I personally think that it's completely worth it to save money and buy GM watches, but you don't
  9. Your watch is currently in the RSC for service, correct? Servicing a watch is much more than a repair. You can expect servicing both to be more thorough and to address issues even with parts that are not technically broken but might be showing wear.
  10. Well what i'm trying to say is would u take it to RSC if it was you, to be polished or not do you think the scraches are really bad .are they too bad to even be removed.looking on instagram I noticed many of these peoples watches have the scuffs on the lug edges aswell.I guess it's common to get scrapes there.
  11. First introduced in 2014 with a stainless steel case, the Big Pilot's Watch Edition ''Le Petit Prince'' (Ref. IW500909) from IWC Schaffhausen is now also available in an 18-carat red gold case. Limited to 250 watches, the timepiece has a 7-day power reserve and elegant sun-pattern finish. The back engraving shows the little prince in his never-ending battle with the baobab tree seedlings, which, if allowed to take root, would split his tiny planet into pieces. With the Big Pilot's Watch Edition ''Le Petit Prince'', IWC Schaffhausen pays tribute to one of the best-selling books in literary hist
  12. FeyM

    New IWC Failure

    Replacement watch coming in a week, but I worry that it will be more of the same. If so, I'll be moving in to another brand. What a shame.
  13. Thank you, this is precisely what I was looking for.
  14. That looks to be the standard BP crown. I don't think accidents to the crown are reported very commonly.
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