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  1. Do what you want, but I wouldn't do it. Ever!
  2. As usual, no valuations done here, get it serviced.
  3. Both are great watches. If resale is a concern Sub for sure. Other than than its personal preference.
  4. I concur with the others. Explorer II is the way to go.
  5. Who's knows what this so called company did to the watch before and after your purchase. I always make larger purchases through an AD to avoid these types problems. I guess gm can work out sometimes, but now you gotta use the money you saved to have it serviced. That's life for ya. Best of luck.
  6. Greetings, I have no knowledge of Rolex or pocket watches, and I found out I have this one stashed at my parent's since my grandfather's death (some years ago.) Until I go get it, I have just this picture they sent me. Can you tell me anything about it? They told me it works (but I don't know if it keeps time.) Thank you!
  7. SBDX012 any day of the week. Bracelet is perfectly fine. MM300 looks great on leather, rubber, nato. I loved my 001.
  8. Yep, i just think the watches are so beautiful that I don't care about the movement even though I am a WIS. There is just something about the feel of quality and clarity and purity of design that I get from holding an IWC that I have yet to find in any other brand in that part of the market.
  9. Here is the version ghoaststar (a member of this forum) posted. I think this option belongs in such a thread: ) Official IWC Pilot pictures thread!!
  10. So sorry to hear that. I hope it won't diminish your enjoyment of such a great looking watch after the repair. I did hear several similar incidents of Big Pilot watches, and I guess the size and shape of the big diamond crown and the thin stem makes it vulnerable to such a damage. So far I have not heard such an incident happened to the Portuguese 7 day yet.
  11. JackSon1

    IWC Galapagos 2014

    Thanks for your reply. I agree, not too many like the rubber coating. I personally like it because it stands out, I wish it was titanium with a rubber coating. The NS GMT is a beauty. I have tried it on a zillion times, I was hoping the AD would not bar me from making trips to the store because I probably harassed for months. I wanted the watch so bad but I just could not organize the funds for it at that point. I have a fairly big wrist so the size was not an issue. Surprisingly the NS GMT sat very well on my wrist, give the 46mm size. I guess its just the way its designed. It felt study and I could not think of a better watch. My only question about the IWC was about the coating. I read that it wears off over time and can be very expensive to fix, that's something that bothers me. I am fine with the servicing part because that's part of the deal but having to deal with the overall look might be an issue. The IWC seemed the more subtle of the two and I like that. I don't have a lot money to play with so I need to make sure I get it right. I am not sure if the NS is still available though. Thanks once again.
  12. Hey everyone. I love my blue numeral 3714 but I don't wear it as often so I wanted to change. I do like the Portuguese look and design so I want to keep a Portuguese in my collection. What do you think of the regulateur. Found one in very good condition in steel. I wonder What kind of price difference would be fair. Thanks
  13. I just had a stainless IWA05337 deployant clasp priced for me at $540 Canadian and a black alligator strap is $370. Including taxes, the total would come to $1028.30 Canadian for me.
  14. My 5001 runs all the way down to zero without ever stopping. This happens all the time without any issue. IWC claims that these movements actually have a theoretical eight day power reserve, but they stop it at seven because the last portion of tension on the spring can't guarantee reliable time keeping. (http://www.thepurists.net/patrons/me...c/iwc_reve.htm) I would have thought that this measure would prevent this family of movements from having the issue that you describe. If it's a used watch with a manufacture date before 2008 or so, it's possible that it's a matter of old oils causing resistance and stopping the movement when the spring tension is weak. If it's a brand new watch, then it may just need some running time to get broken in and make the oils more viscous. If the problem continues, I'd get it serviced on warranty. Sure smacking it may get the balance wheel running, but I'd want to know that there isn't any speck of dust or oil preventing it from running properly and stopping before the spring gets to zero.
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