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  1. I own a Pelagos, Red BB, and many iterations of the Sub. Personally, I believe it depends on your wrist size and whether or not you prefer larger or smaller watches. The BB is noticeably larger than the 16610/14060/5513/1680 etc. my wrist is 7" and I DEFINITELY prefer the older Tudor and Rolex subs. Even though I could comfortably wear the BB and the Pelagos, I rarely do. The slightly smaller size of the subs is much better. Also, I think the Red BB is trying too hard with its faux simulated aged look and red bezel. Kinda gimmicky IMHO. JMHO
  2. Sweet.It looks like there is no crystal at all.
  3. khan

    New North Flag

    I'd be jealous if I wasn't wearing mine :)
  4. khan

    Which Rolex

    Go for the Ceramic Sub No Date. It's the cheapest ceramic and I can say that it is well worth every penny. The new ceramics are just gorgeous. You have to see it in person as pictures doesn't do it justice. Here's my Sub C with my limited photo skills...
  5. They're around. I saw one a couple weeks ago.
  6. khan

    What is this IWC worth?

    Bombastic Pilot Style IWC Schaffhausen RARE CAL73 from 1930 New PVD Case Box | eBay Really like the look of this watch, but only the movement is original I guess because of age, even that is refreshed. I have heard opinions that it is overpriced, looking to get some opinions here as well. Thank you!
  7. I was just double checking! Thanks for the confirmation... I thought I was going mad...
  8. khan

    Advice on Portuguese

    Hi MH, what would be your views on the new Portuguese Chrono classic (IW390404) ?
  9. Silver hands on a silver or white dial is a no-go for me. Not enough contrast to easily read in low-light situations. The gold one is better on those terms, but personally I love the blue ones. Love the way the markers/hands look black but then when they catch the light - oooohhh, ahhhhh.
  10. The moder spitfie is equipped with a lower finished version of the 89361 caliber, called te 89365. The 89361 isnt the prettiest caliber to look at and neither is the 89365. Luckily they used a solid caseback. Technically the both are very fine movements. The finishing meets the expectations of a toolwatch. For a dresswatch like the portugieser chronograph classic the finishing shoud be at a higher level.
  11. Mine instantaneously changes at midnight. I've read that date mechanism on this mov't is a little fragile.
  12. Going on a cruise that ends in Singapore later this year. Also stops in Benoa (Bali), Indonesia; Lombok, Indonesia; Phuket, Thailand; Langkawi, Malaysia; Kuala Lumpur (Port Klang). Always wanted an IWC bracelet for my Pilot 3717. Any chance I can get one new or used for a good price in any of those locations?
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