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  1. I voted black because i'm slowly getting tired of the pepsi insert on my 16710. I feel like the black one is more "enduring".
  2. I too am disappointed with the lume of my new 104060. I wish it would last longer than 30 minutes.
  3. The drool factor at it's finest.
  4. All the information you have given is correct for many brands, but Rolex sports models have historically been a bit resistant to what you describe. The OP paid $2,500 which should be around $3,925 based on inflation. In reasonable condition these sell for around $5,000 effectively and decisively beating the rate of inflation........and this is with the OP paying retail price. It is true that the OP will not likely retire off his earnings when he sells his 16700, but IMHO he should likely make a modest return on his used and worn watch. How much will his return increase in the future?? It has been my experience that it will increase in value. The 16600 that I sold for a $2,000 profit after four years is outside of the bell on the curve, but a Pepsi GMT is a hot item at the moment IMHO. I think demand will only increase on these in the future. JMHO
  5. Totally normal, enjoy your BLNR!
  6. I have just bought the IWC XVI on strap. I had to make the same decision and decided that I couldn't justify the additional expense of the Chronograph. It is also a larger and thicker watch than the XVI and makes it less practical for day to day office wear. 39mm is a reasonable size for a watch and would have been considered a large watch in the 1960s. The original Pilot was even smaller
  7. An American pop songwriter/singer/guitarist with a tad influence of blues. Pretty talented guy, and I have been listening to his earlier pieces. Aside from music, he also has a passion in timepieces, as shown in his interview with Ben from Hodinkee: VIDEO: Talking Watches With John Mayer â HODINKEE - Wristwatch News, Reviews, & Original Stories
  8. They are both stunning. What is the difference between them? And what is the price range? In general I find the chronograph to be more appealing, especially the white dial with blue numbers.
  9. Kenn

    Minute hand

    I recently bought a new portuguese chrono from my local AD and noticed that there was some sort of smudge on the dial. I went to an IWC boutique and they took it for a few days and cleaned the dial and it looked good. However, I was just looking at the piece recently and noticed that there is something that looks like a fingerprint right at the tip of the minute hand. It is hard to notice unless you are looking for it, but now that I have seen it, I know it's there and it is bugging me. Otherwise, the watch looks great. My question is: how easy is this to resolve? Is it easy for my AD to pop open the watch and clean the minute hand? Or are the odds just as good that, in getting this problem fixed, some other problem will be introduced (another smudge, dust, etc)? Should I just live with it at this point? Thanks
  10. Kenn

    IWC Dealers

    godfather0917 - i'm looking for the exact same watch. can you pm me with your findings? thanks!
  11. Kenn

    Ingenieur 3239 Laureus

    IWC releases new models at SIHH.
  12. Here is another shot. Hope this helps.
  13. Very cool. Love photos with Red Square in the background.
  14. Actually yes. Sometimes Russian watches need archaeological approach.
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