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  1. Solid end links is going to be the biggest tangible difference. Vasthorizons made some great points, mine is a late Z serial (about a 2006 production date) and has the 3186 movement (versus 3185) and it's incredibly accurate, but I honestly couldn't even tell you what the difference is. Drilled lugs are nice if you're going to be changing straps, though I find this model looks best on the bracelet so it may not be a big deal to you. If working lume is important then find a model with superluminova, you can tell because the tritium dials will say "Swiss t<25" and the luminova will say "Swiss made" at 6:00 Great choice no matter what, you'll love it
  2. watcheva

    Daytona Help

    i dislike two tone with a passion, so the ss with the black face is my pick.
  3. It's a nice looking watch. Congrats. But, I still can't get past all the text on the dial. I mean does 'ROTOR SELF-WINDING' really need to be written on an automatic watch?
  4. Hi guys, hope you're all well. Can someone please point me in the right direction for some 14060 and M info? I'm looking at several watches in the UK, but some are 4 liners, some 2, some are tritium, some say SWISS MADE. I'm trying to do a timeline, so I can ensure (as best as possible), that they're all genuine. Thanks and regards, Tony
  5. This, exactly. Sorry it happened, but this is exactly why I buy my watches new (unless I'm looking for vintage, and even then a trusted AD isn't a bad place to look). Spend the extra money. 5-10% is well worth it to avoid things like this. A new Rolex comes out of the box with a ten year warranty, and they have the best service department of any watchmaker I've seen.
  6. At this point (IMO) it doesn't sound like a problem worth spending time, effort or money (shipping) on.
  7. watcheva

    Confirmation of model?

    That's a pretty looking vintage watch!
  8. No need to be in distress... It's a mechanical watch that can easily be fixed...
  9. nice pilot! looks perfect on your wrist. i'm visiting the NYC Boutique in a months time. i'm interested in the XVII as i have a pathetic wrist, anything >41mm looks and feels uncomfortable on my wrist i feel my 3714 is a delicate piece. does the XVII feel "delicate" to wear?
  10. watcheva

    My 1st IWC

    Congratulations, Rpcody, you picked really well and what a way to enter the world of IWC. A beauty indeed and as you say, extremely legible. And comfortable to boot. It did surprise me how easy the watch wears, given its size. Easier than the Portuguese Automatic, which has the same diameter, but is noticeable heavier and thicker. Yours looks very good on the Hodinkee strap as it dresses the watch ever so slightly down. Have to disagree with your view that the Portuguese is not to be worn often .... when I got mine in 2003, it never left my wrist during the first 6 months of ownership (except for showering, sleeping, etc). Enjoy your Portuguese for many, many years and welcome to the IWC family. RonB
  11. You shall spend whatever is the IWC's list price minus however small/large discount you will be able to get from the AD (prob about 10-15%).
  12. How is 'that crown' different? great looking watch, but something that I guess I won't see in my part of the world.
  13. Pretty sure the Speedbird bracelet is 20mm. In any case, I agree you should save up and get the OEM, one of the best bracelets ever made for any watch.
  14. Ok, I'll open it up when I get back home on Friday night. I don't want to risk damaging the back without the right tools as it may affect my ability to return it. I had noticed the writing on the back looks a little wonky and if you look at the pictures of the back from the link GuessWho posted, the engraving looks like a much higher quality. Cheers John
  15. You have a sweet looking group there! Thanks for sharing!
  16. The seconds hands didn't always get painted. The other hands look correct although they were maybe relumed because of their whiteness. The caseback may still be correct but I'm less knowledgeable, however the crown is definitely not original.
  17. My OCD would get the better of me unfortunately - change it.
  18. New shoes for my fibbie! Bought a deadcheap chinese watch just for the strap!
  19. Thanks! I am already following that thread and learning a lot with it! However, I am looking for suggestions on a russian watch based on what is still under production these days.
  20. Hi Comrades, I was pleasantly surprised today, I was online tracking my 3aka3 parachute Dial Komnderskie, which was apparently still held up in customs at Heathrow when the postman knocked with it I didn't know what to expect to be honest because the sellers rear picture showed a 2409 movement instead of a 2414 in my limited knowledge the 2409 is similar but doesn't have a date. I thought someone might have made a little franken repair with 2409 bits but when I opened it up, its all as it should be 2414 inside, so I'm happy with it. I Was just wondering how hard it is to re lume a dial and hands, I re-cased my last parachute dial in a brand new 81x case, looks good but it has a lume dot missing 2 O'clock and this 3aka3 one needs the hour hand doing, I've seen those pre mixed lume kits for sale, but how would I match the colour to the original white ish green, I don't want to do all the lume dots on my first attempt just want to do the one, I'm still scared to have a go at removing the hands, would I be better getting some scrap hands/dial to practice on or is it easy enough? Regards, Chris.
  21. Right on, Chronotopos! Sometimes we do more damage by admiring something and talking about it than we ever could do if we would just stfu...
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