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  1. It's a hand me down. My dad bought two. My brother gets the other when he turns 35.
  2. jcmiro

    Servicing a Patek.

    Thanks for your help guys. I successfully dropped it off at nyc pp. Thanks for the savings.
  3. jcmiro

    Servicing a Patek.

    Lol two round trip tickets to Geneva 17,000 one to drop it off one to pick it up several weeks later plus hotels for a week plus minus 5,000 plus service costs. Which brings me to the original question.
  4. jcmiro

    Servicing a Patek.

    How do I ship from the states is the next question
  5. jcmiro

    Servicing a Patek.

  6. jcmiro

    Servicing a Patek.

    I go to California a lot, but live in Peru.
  7. jcmiro

    Servicing a Patek.

    Good morning guys. I need a little help with my perpetual calender. It needs service next year and I live in a country or region with no patek dealer. My father travels 14hrs specifically twice a year every 5 to drop off his watches and pick them up. That seems like a waste. What are my best options. I live in Latin America. Cheers
  8. jcmiro

    Has anybody ordered from urdelar.se?

    They were fast and awesome. Highly recommend
  9. Thinking of ordering some parts for my Rolex.