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  1. Thanks for the info... Given the above it looks like 606 model but I can't find specifics... Also, the ones I have found say Cellini on dial???
  2. MY wrist is about 6.75" inches and I've visited the BLNR several times recently to try it on. It looks just fine on my wrist. It definitely wears small for its size, presumably because of the big bezel. The thick lugs make it look more substantial, but not really any bigger, if that makes sense. Obviously, everyone's tastes are different, but to my eye at least the GMT would almost certainly look just fine on you.
  3. Thanks as well Kawika. I will of course pass MY's name along. Like I said though, it up to him whether or not he is comfortable with it. We're I not a WIS myself, I wouldn't necessarily be leaping at the chance having no experience with sending (or buying) watches overseas. But the recommendations will undoubtedly go a long way to making him feel comfortable about it.
  4. Hi all, What's the difference between all the Milgauss GV models out there? As far as I understand there are two models with the green glass, the Z-Blue and the regular. Are there any differences between a black dial 116400GV from e.g. 2008 and 2015? I've read something about the black dial GV being an limited "anniversary model" at first, but nowadays you can find it everywhere? I'm about to pull the trigger on a Milgauss GV from 2011 which is supposed to be in almost mint condition and only been worn for 3 weeks, for around 5900 usd. Is this a good deal or should I look elsewhere? Thanks for your help Best Regards azcii
  5. Hi, The 1st seller was private provided me with pics of authentic watch and serial number and etc. I even google search for pics and I couldn't find similar one and he F.. me up, the 2nd one has store but from another country and it was mentioned on site who he is trusted thru. Chrono 24 and I have no idea have they are reliable, anyway I believe I didn't burned out this time although for sure I will take it to AD to authenticate the watch.
  6. linger

    ss bracelet for 3717

    Bracelet part number is IWA 20869.
  7. The Speedmaster is a classic, and the Mark 17 is not (that's the best thing I can say about it). I'm an owner of multiple IWCs and a big fan of the brand (pre-Richemont).
  8. linger

    IWC Dealers (Deals!)

    I'm afraid IWC Canada will raise the prices due to weak Canadian dollar soon. If you are looking for something I think it's time to pay an AD a visit before MSRP in CAD goes up to catch MSRP in USD, if it hasn't done so already. Old MSRP in CAD plus a small discount could end up in an amazing price when you convert it to USD and compare with US offers.
  9. Hi, I inherited this IWC watch. My watch dealer told me that this model is around 20-30 years old, but he did not know the exact model. Can anyone tell me a little more about the model? Many thanks minipa
  10. sorry, i don't know why that picture has appeared twice
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