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  1. Vanessa, I just came upon your oil lamp reply, so nevermind my question. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thank you, Docar and Steve, for the information! Cheers, Kauê
  3. Hello, everyone! I am in the process of buying a used 2254.50, the watch is in excelent condition, with the bracelet having been refinished recently to look like new. However, the warraty card is dated July 2004 and the service history is unknown, so I assume it would be advisable to have a full service of the watch after purchase, since it is a 9 year old piece and it seems to be running a bit slow. Having that in mind, how much should I expect to pay for a full service/overhaul of the watch from an independant watchmaker? (I will be in the US for about a week only, so I don't have time to send the watch to Omega). I am very excited about this purchase, it is such an iconic watch! I was torn between this piece and a Seamaster 300, but looked hard at both and decided on the 2254. Thanks in advance!
  4. This 9300 Speedie is fastly growing on me... and don't get me started on the black ceramic Speedie. What a fantastic piece. It will probably be priced at 2x the regular ones, though...
  5. That must be the most beautiful movement in the sub 10k watch category. Simply stunning.
  6. How about a speedy 9300?!
  7. kauebm

    SMP GMT Great White

    I think the dial is beautiful, but really dislike the bezel font. For some reason, it doesn't seem on par with the watches great quality and looks.
  8. Maybe it isn't a very good idea to have that picture with your serial number exposed. Cool watch!
  9. Gotta love that shade of blue Omega is using.
  10. kauebm

    PO or Sub?

    Both great watches in their own right. This discussion has been had ad nauseam and is, quite frankly, silly.
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