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  1. There is already a 3235 in the new Pearlmaster...a version of the day-date 3255 without the day indicator. With the advances of Omega (co-axial) movements as well as others, the 3135 is falling behind on specs. Only a matter of time till they upgrade. Anyone thinking of buying a 116060 or 114060 or 116600 or equivalent should wait for the new movement. Otherwise, they are just paying for old technology that hasn't been seriously upgraded since the 80's. Even the new 39mm oyster perpetual has gotten the explorer movement (3132) with the added shock absorbers absent from the 3135 movement. Rolex will be updating soon...even it's child watch (Tudor Pelagos) beats the sub on specs.
  2. Looks like a 1675 with replacement second-hand and GMT hand. Case looks pretty fat. I am concerned about the dial. Can't tell from the pictures, but looks almost like a relume. Without more/better pictures from different angles, it is difficult.......near impossible to give much information. I can't even tell for sure if everything looks authentic.
  3. I googled Rolex Precision watch pictures and every one posted looks different from the other. If the ones on the web are all real it looks like this model endured many nuanced design changes during its existence... lugs, marker design, Rolex logo placement and design. I saw one almost identical to yours on the web but it had no lugs, the mesh bracelet attached right into the case. Some web searching will show you what others are asking for their versions. With all that said, only your picture displays a non-centered Rolex crown... that would make me worried... but who knows, maybe it came off and a shoddy watchmaker or even your Uncle may have glued it back on incorrectly. Good luck in your search and enjoy the watch. Edit: The one that looks almost identical to yours but without lugs was from the late '60's. But as someone already mentioned, that other one has Swiss on the dial, not T Swiss T... so doubly concerning.
  4. Here's a picture....sorry for slow posting but I've been gone all week.
  5. Mine started out at -6 s/d now it's closer to -2 s/d I have absolutely no problem with that Sent from one of my four iPads
  6. Cindylu

    Daytona Help

    While I love the Arabic numerals on the Daytona, I agree with Seaswirl that the two tone look doesn't work well (for me) on the Daytona. I would go stainless. That way, you also have the advantage of being able to more easily flip it, if it turns out to not work for you. Side note, my first Rolex was a white faced Explorer II and my second is a black dialed Daytona. They make a great combination!
  7. I can say with a fair degree of certainty, that strap is not authentic Tudor stock....
  8. I wouldn't choose between the two based on retention of value, I'd base it on budget and comfort on your wrist. That being said, I've owned both, and decided to stick with the SD.
  9. P.S. if you're into people giving you compliments on a watch, this one wins by a long shot. I almost get weekly compliments on this watch at work or in public. I had one guy at my local mall at one of those little random kiosks stop me in my tracks and tell me what a beautiful red Rolex I had. Hahahaha. I told him it was a Tudor, which is obviously owned by Rolex Group.
  10. They look great and in the few times I've swapped out the watch does well at not being too top heavy. I would think this is from the Titanium so thats nice. With that all said and done the Bracelet is King and gets 90% of the time on the watch head for me. Its a killer piece if Tech. Cheers Sent from my iPhone 7
  11. Congratulations to you too as well! The red grape looks beautiful. I agree with your opinions on the hands as well. Looking forward to hearing your review. Cheers! Here we go: Apologies to thehighwayjazz, I forgot to take a picture at night.
  12. Hello all, what would you think of this one here? It's from a respectful seller, however I can find these dials in very few websites on the net and can't really know if it's a real or a fake cause of that. Appreciate your help
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