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  1. My advice to you is that if you are as passionate about watchmaking as you say, then don't worry too much about salary expectations. All that you need to know is that generally, watchmaking is not an unskilled and lowly paid vocation.
  2. I'm pretty lukewarm towards the DLC/PVD look (appears much nicer on some models than others), but the processes' allure for me is its purported scratch resistance. It would be very comforting to wear a daily watch and never incur a scratch so long as you're relatively careful.
  3. Hey, folks, I've learned that beepworld's display back includes the pricey spacer ring for my mid-90s Speedy Pro, but unfortunately, he won't have stock for SIX weeks! If he did, I would gladly pay his asking price. So, is there a reasonable alternative? After market or OEM OMEGA is OK, so long as the price isn't too far off beepworld's. I know that Ofrei sells a real OMEGA display back for like $500 + $62 for the spacer. It's time to have a look at this movement:
  4. I like the Lemania's looks, so I would either get the hesalite and then put a sapphire back on it or buy the sapphire sandwich.
  5. Pretty easy. The Speedy Pro is one of the most important watches in history and has a timeless design, whereas the Seamaster Pro has no continuity whatsoever. I do love the black dial/sword hands version from the early 2000s though. OMEGA should have stayed with that design for good. I think that in 50 years, that model will still be awesome.
  6. That red tipped seconds hand just transforms the Speedy into something even more extraordinary. The Apollo coin sub-dial makes the Snoopy edition look like a toy.
  7. applebook

    Omega AD Cost?

    In a related query, how much is the CDN MSRP of the hesalite Speedy Pro?
  8. Ref. 321. (bracelet) and 321. (strap) Picture courtesy of its seller. Those applied blue markers, including the OMEGA insignia, are just stunning. I was always drawn to the cream dial F. Piguet Broad Arrow, but IMO, this current model looks even better and has the bonus of a display back showcasing the beautiful column-wheel movement. Unfortunately, these don't appear to be too popular, so I rarely ever see them on the used market. New would be too expensive for me presently.
  9. Have you folks seen this album? http://s764.photobucket.com/albums/xx281/vkd668/ I change my mind completely --this is STUNNING! I WANT.
  10. It looks slick from these scans, but legibility might be an issue. The regular Speedmaster Pro is one of the most legible chronographs available. As a SECOND Speedy Pro, this would make a wonderful addition to a larger collection, but I couldn't see myself owning it as my only Speedmaster.
  11. You lucky dog. Go play the lottery tonight --I bet that you win!
  12. You guys can e-mail/message the owner. A new bezel from Otto Frei is about $200 --same with the 2230.50 dial. I have a 2254 on the way, and I'm probably going to order a 2230 dial for it.
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