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  1. zama

    Omega Box deterioration

    Wow just post something similar myself on another thread my box looks just like this while the watch inside the box is like new!!!! How weird. I think my watch is 5-7 years old but the box looks 1000 years old.
  2. Bit of a strange one, I have always liked Omega as a brand and product, but other than my old vintage one I inherited, had never expected to buy one. I was looking to move 3 of my less worn watches to make space for a Daytona, and someone came forward to do a swap on a Seamaster Professional Chrono, initially I said no. Given my Tudor sold and with luck my GP will also sell at some point shortly, I went what the heck why not. So I swapped my Heuer Chrono for the Attached. Very different watches, but both of us happy, change is as good as a holiday, I have owned the TAG Heuer from new for at least a decade now, so it was time for a change. So I guess now I will have to visit the Omega section as well as the Rolex parts of TRF. Hopefully this was a good decision, cant get over how heavy this watch is, I suspect it will become my main daily wearer not that I would ever call it a beater..... I am very impressed with the quality of the omega product. Attached is what left and what arrived including the obligatory wrist shot on a sunny day here in Sydney. I need to put in one more link to make it comfortable all the links and paperwork came with it as you would expect, it is in nice condition. I am sure on the forum it will be seen as a positive, TAG's even pseudo vintage ones don't seem to get much love.
  3. I am new to Omega as well, I spend most of my time on the Rolex side of the forum. I don't pretend to be an expert at all the watch looks quite nice to me. My Seamaster Chrono looks absolutely as new probably is 7 or so year old or more, my question is the box, the box with mine also has quite a bit of deterioration is that normal with Omega is looks like the one in this picture, despite the watch being perfect the box is not. Is this common. Shameless photo opportunity as well.
  4. I thought it was a U-BOAT
  5. I own both, but the Sub will always be what I keep. The Omega is a fine watch, but the cache is the 911 of watches the Sub. When I first wanted a Sub I went the other side of the family a Tudor Sub (not a Omega), but at the end of the day it was not a Rolex Sub. I think this is actually an easy call, the Rolex Sub will hold its value better than any other watch around. So in simple terms you will always get your money back if not gain, an Omega will go down in price if bought new. Maybe the compromise is a nice second hand Omega which will cost you 1/2 the amount (given you have never spent that much, you might even be able to add an old Datejust to go with the Omega for SUB money. Remember the key with watches you can always have them serviced and lightly polished effectively making them look like new, so buying a second hand Sub is not like buying a 10 year old car. By the SUB and you will never look back.
  6. Team, I am first to admit I am no guru in Omega's, I did have a Professional Chrono Seamaster for a while but it was too big on my wrist, I obtained it as part of a trade. In any case my help is on a sadly different matter. One of the staff of my Sales agent sadly took his own life, none of us including his family saw it coming. He is doing all he can to help the wife and the three boys all under the age of 10. One of the things he has asked me to help with is to find a watch he can give the wife to give to each of the boys on their 18th birthday to remember their father with. He has indicated a budget of around $5K per watch, and he has asked me to pick a watch that wont go out of fashion over the next 10-15 years before the boys receive their gifts (not sure if they will need an oil inspection over that time by the way). My suggestion to him no surprise is to go with a classic Omega which I was thinking would be a Speedmaster or seamaster diver. I have pulled these two model numbers off the Omega website. Not sure if these are available in Australia through the AD and also would these be the affordable models in the line up. Keeping in mind a budget of around $5K per watch. Finally having never been in an Omega AD in Australia, do they discount particularly given he is buying 3 identical watches. I know some brands discount some don't. Open to any other model suggestions. The Speedmaster I picked was with a rubber strap which I think suits 18 year olds and the hot climate where they live. Could not see any of the dive watches that were on a rubber strap. Await TRF guidance on what is a sad situation, that everybody is trying to help as best they can with. SPEEDMASTER 326. SEAMASTER
  7. zama

    Just Arrived!!

    Awesome choice, best Omega ever.
  8. I like both brands so I would buy what I liked. For me in pure looks and knowing your love of blue I would take the new OP over the Omega, and I would also think twice about the Pelagos given you have shown you are not anti dive watches, it is a full in house movement and a great looking piece IMHO, would depend what else you had in your set.
  9. zama

    My Flippin' Life

    I have found new homes for 10 watches in the last 4 years, they and I could not be happier.......
  10. My wife shed her ladies DJ and moved in on my Daytona........
  11. I think the Daytona suits a younger person and the DDII is more of a mature watch, I have owned a DD and a Daytona and they are different pieces. FYI they both are great watches and both look good on you so there is no mistake you will make, just understand what sings to you more, personally I love blue dial watches, so I would take the Daytona of those choices. Welcome to TRF.
  12. Bit of a bugger that we are the 12th biggest economy in the world but cant make this list. I think to be fair with our falling dollar this look about accurate on any given day we may threaten Japan for the cheapest, it is a good time for overseas buyers to buy in Australia or Japan.
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