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  1. Just went to take a look at the new Blue...looks really good. I like it. Not as vibrant as the Electric blue that was discontinued, is a nice hue. :-) J
  2. Thank you for responding. I see that now. :-) I went to re-try the 36mm on and it looks pretty nice. I thought initially would be too big, but is a great size. Looks like I have some thinking to do. LOL J
  3. Hi All, Was looking around on the Omega site and noticed that the blue shades are different. One is smooth dial the other the wave pattern. Is the smooth one the 2013 version? I have a 28mm electric blue before they were discontinued. I want to get an auto in a 36mm. I don't think an AD/Dealers would have a new mid size electric blue in their cases. The new ceramic blue looks brighter. I was never a fan of the wave pattern blue..seemed too dark and flat. I also have the black wave in the 28mm too. My most favourite watch. Does the Black ceramic have the wave pattern or is flat like the blue version? Just finding the 28's a bit small. Or is it cause my eyes are older? Lets stick with the size of the watch is too small. Does anyone have a pic of the new ceramic blue dial? Either mid-size or full size? Or any comparison shots? Opinions on the new blue? Thank you kindly.. J
  4. Will be great to see some on the wrist pics when you get it. :-)
  5. Wow, that's nice. Its a chrono I can see without getting cross-eyed. LOL The dials are nice and small. Wear it in great health.
  6. Paul.. gorgeous watch.. :-) Im sorry if I missed an earlier post about it. Im curious, what year is it?
  7. vitalsignsrn

    PO or Sub?

    You may be disappointed to find WOMEN wearing a PO...it does come in a 37.5mm for US women. Sub is more iconic. Po is less expensive.
  8. Congrats Tony! Looks great on you. :-)
  9. Its a cool watch! Love the dial colour. :-) Congratulations.
  10. Wow...nice watch! What great condition its in too.. :-) Congratulations.
  11. Congrats on a classic watch. :-)
  12. vitalsignsrn

    Fresh from Rikki

    Nice.! Wear it in good health. :-)
  13. Great Review. :-) And very lovely pictures..thank you. :-) Enjoy!
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