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  1. Well, there is nothing better than a fine cigar, some good suds, and nice watch to time the whole endeavor!
  2. Hey, being 60 and having another birthday sure beats the alternative. To the OP, happy birthday and enjoy your new watch
  3. The Explorer is the more versatile watch for all around wear and has lore in spades (Fleming/Bond, Hillary/Norgay)...
  4. Excellent comparison. In the pictures, it looks as though the Everest is also easier to size since the distance between holes looks shorter.
  5. It varies for the different models (e.g., fluted bezel is generally more expensive than the round bezels). Ballparking, I think you're looking at $5500-7500 for used DJ2s and around $8k new for the fluted model you're looking at.
  6. I was at my AD yesterday and they had four new Pelagos in stock, 2 blue and 2 black. they had both the new blues on display, but they still had a 1st gen black in there too. Since most people probably wouldn't know the difference, I suspect they will keep the first gen on display until it's sold before breaking out the 2nd gen black unless someone specifically asks for it. I brought home one of the blue ones.
  7. Neil

    trusted Ebayers?

    Watchcrusher is a "credit" to ebay. He is honest and sells real stuff at reasonable costs. I will do business with him again in the future.
  8. I do really like this with the smooth bezel
  9. You paying for a step-up in IWC lineup (Portugese is a notch above Pilot); everything else (moving seconds, removing date etc.) is rather irrelevant as the cost of "modifying" 7750 is negligible to that of a price difference. Thats all.
  10. I've been told by IW. Boutique in Singapore today that the new collection will start arriving April onwards. I found it strange as it Europe it is generally in the autumn but that's what I've been told...
  11. Neil

    IWC Pilot Mark XII

    The tritium on the markers and triangle have faded to a nice patina. The hands have been replaced, otherwise they would have the same patina. If you google this watch, you will see examples with faded tritium hands. But at least the replacement hands appear to be authentic. Wouldn't bother me, but I guess some vintage purists might have a problem with it. And I suppose the "T" on the dial cannot now describe the hands, which have Superluminova.
  12. Thanks. Did anyone had it serviced in US? Would prefer more accurate estimate.
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