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  1. It will cause a lot of lot pitch whining of service costs in the future.
  2. Greetings all, I have become interested in possibly acquiring a 14060. I was thinking I wanted one from 2009 or later. The reason for this is I read on a site somewhere that Rolex switched to using the Chromalight lume in 2008. But I have spoken to a certain watch vendor and they told me that all the 14060 models have the old style lume. Anybody know if this is correct? Dan
  3. There is no 39mm datejust, I would own one if there was. There is the Explorer is 39mm and the new Oyster perpetual I 39mm
  4. Give DavidSW a shot at it, if you're willing to give up the 'walk out of an AD with a new watch on my wrist' experience.
  5. Wcqq

    New 5513

    That's ironic. Interestingly enough, my 5513 is one of my best timekeepers as well. IMHO, that really speaks to the quality of a watch made by Rolex. BTW, mine is +/- 1 sec/day and these older movements are much easier to position-regulate them than the newer movements. I can keep mine within 10 secs for weeks at a time.
  6. I have a AARP phone. Not an iphone, with professional like photography capabilities, again I'm sorry. And the reason that I'm inquiring is because I thought that it was like Rolexes where the case# would match another # on the bracelet. I do appreciate your feedback. Hopefully I'm just reading you the wrong way. Again thank you for your help.
  7. I like it, but the Top Gun needs the little plane on the seconds hand.
  8. Wcqq

    IWC pricing

    IWC watches are certainly not inexpensive but their watches with in-house movements, like the Big Pilot and Port Auto, aren't priced any more unreasonably than those from other manufacturers. And their ETA based watches aren't any more expensive than those from brands like Panerai and Bremont. I have a 3717 and 3227 and they are two of my favorite watches. They are finished very nicely and exude quality. I may take some flak from the Bremont fans on the forum but I don't think the young UK brand is currently in the same league and the company has no real history to speak of. The real question is if YOU think the watches are worth the asking price. If not, then simply look at models from another brand that you think represent better value. I will say that I own a JLC and I think some of their watches are a relative bargain.
  9. Wcqq


    It's impossible to tell without detailed movement pics. Can you take the backs off?
  10. Fingers crossed WTSP on the warranty coverage. That stinks. Hope it is fixed at no/low cost and quickly. Adam
  11. Wcqq

    Buying a new IWC 3714

    I bought my 3717 from a grey seller in Germany (no extra tax within EU) and it had an AD stamp on it so is fully covered; there are various people who do this. Try the uk version of ebay for lots of ideas. There is a Dutch pair who do this whose name I don't recall and they are much cheaper than ADs.
  12. It's the policy of service centers to service if a watch gets opened, it's CYA and I don't blame them. Might be in the area of 900 to 1200 USD.
  13. Not sure if anyone has had the chance to see Jurassic World yet (or the HBO First Look special) but if you watch closely in the shots of the theme park marketplace, you'll see a highly recognizable black and white storefront banner that apparently an IWC boutique. Obviously i can't get a screen shot, but thought it was an interesting choice (especially given that the other shops visible are a Ben & Jerry's, Pandora, and a Jimmy Buffett's Magaritaville). Keep an eye out if you plan on seeing the movie this weekend. Didn't notice anyone wearing an IWC so I don't know how formalized the relationship is. Also, you'll notice a ton of close up shots of Mercedes Benz vehicles - probably a much greater tie in there.
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