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  1. Tudor deserve it... at least to slowly get rid of the status as "Affordable Rolex-ish".
  2. Alex

    Daytona Help

    Hello all, I am asking you all to weigh in on my next Rolex purchase. I have narrowed my choice to a Daytona...from there I am struggling with what variant is best for me. The question is: stainless steel with a black face OR two-toned with a blue face. (Pictures attached) I wear mostly sport watches and my go to daily watch is a Explorer II. I have always wanted a Daytona and I know that the more desirable and classic watch is the SS but I am worried that it will be come "redundant" in my watch collection being that a lot of what I wear already is SS with a black face. As soon as I saw the two-tone with blue face my mouth dropped thinking it was pretty but I am questioning the two-toned because I consider myself a purist and I am not sure what stigma is attached to a two-tone Daytona. Any thoughts are appreciated,
  3. Sorry, but in-house movement is the way to go......and I own a first generation
  4. Thanks Mark020 I still have not come up with anything either
  5. Alex


    Grey market dealers generally mark up a fixed % from what they acquire from an AD. It is all about what an AD is willing to let it go for. If an AD can get easy replenishment they have no issue discounting to a grey market dealer making a slimmer margin as it is a wholesale transaction that does not negatively impact their overall business profit potential. If replenishment from Rolex HQ is more sporadic they are less willing to discount to a grey dealer because they can make more per watch selling to a customer. Another factor is grey dealers frequently source watches internationally.... While the BLNR may start to be more available in the U.S. this may not be the case in other countries.
  6. I think the single most determining factor in choosing between these two has to be the look and size. The PO Chrono, which I've owned, is a BIG watch. Not so much because of the diameter which, although imposing, is still manageable. It is a VERY thick watch, which makes it a very sporty watch. I still wore it with suit and tie at the office, as this is a modern look that is still acceptable, but the watch as a very strong sporty penchant because of its sheer size and bulk. The IWC, is both smaller in diameter and much, much thinner. That's not counting just how different they look, which is a matter of personal taste. I like them both, but they looks so different as to not be even remotely comparable in my book. So which one do you like the most? The list of pros and cons could be endless, but in the end, you gotta love what you will choose...
  7. Not surprising. IWC generally does a good job regulating their watches. I have no experience with that movement though, so not sure how PR fluctuations may affect accuracy.
  8. I guess not too many out there yet? would love to get some feedback
  9. I've also purchased at my local AD. They seem to keep a good amount of inventory.
  10. Would you mind sharing what you would get in that price range?
  11. DDThe majority of mine were under the $60 mark. In fact I consider that solidly mid range in our hobby. It can get you in the humbler Vostok Precision range with the Volna and Almaz, will get you just about every Signal and two tone Kirovskie, w with the exception of the red and green one, and gets you into Luch and Poljot Ultrathin as well as Deluxe automatic territory. Perhaps not the very best but with a bit of luck you're there. To me the bargain basement is the $10-30 range, with plenty of Dirskies, Fibbers and the somewhat lesser dress watches. Etc etc etc .....
  12. brilliant, thanks mroatman that's exactly the kind of answer i need, and a great welcome to this forum. here's the side profile; i would check whether the crystal can just be resat but since i've never done anything with a watch besides replace a strap i'm a bit reluctant to open it up. if it's deformed i'll just leave it be since i can't imagine crystals for this watch will be easy to come by.
  13. How water resistant are the leather straps Vostok uses on their Amphibians? I've always been leery of leather on a dive watch, so I guess I'm curious if anyone has any experience taking one of these straps into water on a regular basis. Thanks!
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