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  1. I have the SubC and Tudor BBr and they live perfect harmony, get both... HD
  2. My economical situation is much better now. I saved up $15,000 for my watch fund. I plan to buy a Rolex watch that costs $10,000 or less. I need a watch that works well with my suits for corporate business style. I will also need the watch to match when I am just out and about grocery shopping with casual clothing. I mainly wear RL Purple Label Polo Shirts, Fitted Jeans and my Alden chukka shoes
  3. In a one watch/daily wearer scenario, I would prefer the no date Submariner.
  4. Wow!! Thank you for a very comprehensive review of my next watch and have a nice weekend.
  5. For a regular casual wear watch that's not too common I'd go with the explorer I or the ss daytona. Explorer + durable, low key, casual, - I can't think of any. Daytona + sporty, not too common, durable - may be confused with a sub which are really common - you already plan to buy one in gold. If you're at an ivy league or high end school I'd go with the daytona, otherwise the explorer. Cheers
  6. Pictures, please! I love my Black Bay (Blue) as well. I can't believe that I purchased it, then sold it, but re-purchased the actual same one that I had sold. Since then, I've been wearing it a minimum of five times per week. I am wearing it right now!
  7. I'd go with tt sub over the DJ. It's different enough from your current sub.
  8. Hi All, On the same subject - is anyone aware that the new IWC models do not have any serial numbers/silver plates inside the box? All the best, Michal
  9. WAshOn

    next Watch Advice

    Which IWC pilot chrono? I might be the minority here, but modern Omegas look too tacky and have no soul (this is true for a lot of other brands too). Speedmaster Pro is the only Omega that piques my interest. Just IMO.
  10. WAshOn

    IWC pricing

    I do agree that Bremont cannot be in the same league yet as they are young, despite that the quality is definitely comparable and so I wouldn't expect the price to be so widely different really. Here are some examples of watches that I think are comparable: Aquatimer - ETA Diver £4150 Brietling Superocean £3060... Tudor Pelagos £2850... Bremont S2000 £3600 Portugese Automatic Chrono Valjoux 7750 based chrono - £5900 Bremont Alt-1c £4000 (i think) Zenith do the in house El Primero chromo for £5500 I know i know, if they are so expensive to me then i don't have to buy them but i just want to see what IWC owners did think of the pricing.
  11. WAshOn

    Mark XII or Mark XV

    While the 12 has a great vintage heritage, I chose the 15 for the larger case: it fits better than the 36 mm.
  12. Just the rubber as far as I know. Previous models, such as the 3227, had other OEM strap options I think. With the precise dimensions of the lugs, case, and the center steel piece, a competent custom strap maker should be able to make you a really nice strap. I think I recall seeing some handsome custom notched straps by Stone Creek and Dangerous9. And there are plenty of other talented strap makers out there.
  13. Probably from the 1950s or early 1960s. Here's an image from the 1960 catalog. Nice looking Rodina :) https://plus.google.com/photos/11309...39036073221216
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