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  1. I'm thinking of putting on a isofrane or a seiko waffle strap on my 114060 sub. I checked my rubber waffle strap and there isn't any groove where you can slot in the springbar tool like the bracelet that came with it. Is there a specific tool for such operations?
  2. Thanks. Also cross posted it on RF and many people share your thoughts.
  3. Hot damn that is nice! The endlinks on that bracelet are growing on me. Nice to see it on a wrist as well.
  4. 116519 WG Daytona on a strap for me. Bought it pre-owned and LOVE it
  5. Again I will attempt to convey my needs, some responded with good intentions while others possibly were a bit more on the "wake up on the wrong side of the forum day". Which by the way is constructive, but if I were asked of it's help would opt out for a "yea, it helped me a whole lot". I need to know is there a chart out there that would let me compare the serial number on my Black Bay Blue case to a number that should correspond to the stainless steel bracelet that the watch came on. I just want to see if this was the bracelet that was intended to be the designated bracelet for that watc
  6. Give it two or three months and I bet it will slow down to about +2 seconds per day. Make sure you fully wind it once and then wear it every day.
  7. Wrist shots are almost always taken with wide angle and exaggerates the sizes on the wrist. It's probably best for you to try it out both and see which one fits you better.
  8. Yeah... I guess I will be taking this watch back to the shop. Authenticity is not an issue (I hope) since I purchased this watch from IWC official shop in Hyundai Department Store (I currently reside in Seoul, Korea). I double and triple checked if the scratch is on the crystal and, unfortunately, it is not.
  9. A watch is more than a movement. I'm a big fan of the 3239. Great look, great case, great bracelet, with a top grade 2892 (or Sellita equivalent). Gray market pricing is also starting to come down, if you feel it's hard to justify the AD price. I think jomashop has them at $3,600-3,700, depending on dial color.
  10. I used to collect Russian watches, especially Vostoks. Back in the late 90's you could get the 17j mechanicals new on ebay for around 20 dollars, 23 and 31 jewel auto-winders were well under 40. While my 17 and 23 jewel watches were good dependable units, I never had a 31 jewel (Amphibian) that didn't stop working in under a year.
  11. Thanks guys. Why do they make them so big? It's like they're for giants!
  12. I put the watch away for a few weeks after I had trouble winding it. I was planning to open her up today to remove and reinstall the crown but figured I should try winding it again... much to my surprise it was fine again. I was able to fully wind the watch and it's keeping perfect time. Go figure.
  13. Thanks a lot comrades. So we have an approximate manufacture date. What about the size? Someone who owns one may can help? Thanks.
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