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  1. Thank you very much! Is anyone updating this or is it something that is just a screenshot? Maybe we should create a Google Docs spreadsheet and update it as prices change?
  2. My vote is for the Explorer 1. I have one myself. I was at the same point your are now at the start of the year. I chose the Exp 1 over the 2 as I feel the watch dresses up better. I don't wear a dinner suit that often, but I had to a week after purchasing the watch - I used it as a litmus test to decide. Both go well with casual clothes. Jean and a t-shirt or jumper. I don't think the Exp 2 smartens up enough and would have looked out of place with my dinner suit. The Exp 1 is the better all rounder. Put it on a leather strap and it could be mistaken for a DJ.
  3. YyffM74

    Hulk or Batman

    Tough one. I own the hulk, but have been wanting the BLNR. I absolutely LOVEEEEEEEEEEE my Hulk. it is very interesting with the color changes. ts also not as loud as people make it out to be. I think the BLNR will turn into a classic, it might blend too much with your current watch.
  4. Based on how you describe yourself, the 39mm Explorer is not only be a good choice, but will allow you to put a nice chunk of the left over money in your savings.
  5. Thanks for the pics. For me looks like the thickness is the reason I will pass.
  6. was it the person selling you the watch that told you this?? when you go into a car dealership do you buy the car the salesperson says to buy or the one you responsibly can afford?? did he/she explain why it was "better value"??? did you understand the reply??? do you live in an affluent area where YOU see the submariner everywhere you turn??? are you aware of the human ability to dive and how deep an untrained human can go???
  7. Thank you for the review, Is a very very good and the most in-dept review out there, It's been growing on me too since the Baselworld, I might have to add one to my collection !
  8. YyffM74

    New 5513

    Thanks for the nice comments. So far it appears to be running about +/- 0 secs, which I find extraordinary for a 37-year-old non-COSC watch. My 1992 14060, freshly serviced by Rolex, only manages about +10.
  9. Most BP's that I've seen run fast (mine included)
  10. It's a 2 year warranty from iwc for any work done or parts installed
  11. YyffM74

    Big Pilot Question

    The reality is, it will likely run anywhere from 0 - +15 per day... Mine I think is probably +10 per day .. Do I care? No ..
  12. I used to own a Portuguese Chrono 3714-45 and can answer your question about dial markers. No, the stainless steel models use gold plated markers on the dial. The precious metal cased watches will have gold or platinum, etc. markers on the dial.
  13. YyffM74

    IWC Custom Straps

    Would love to know how you go. I want a BP style strap for my 3265. I bought one off ebay, great quality however the rivets were too uncomfortable and the strap was boxy on my wrist
  14. Hello. I just got my IWC Portofino two weeks ago and I realized there was a fine scratch on the watch dial. Although it is hard to see under direct sun light, it is quite noticeable when I pay attention to the scratch. Should I take it back to the IWC shop and demand it to be fixed? Or is this a scratch too small for them to fix for me? Please tell me what you guys think. (Scratch located at sub-dial at 9 o'clock
  15. I purchased a brand new Portofino Chronograph from an international seller. When I received it, I noticed it was running pretty fast, about +8 seconds a day. I contacted the IWC service center in TX an was told 4-6 weeks. Not good. So I contacted the NYC Boutique and they sent me a Fedex overnight label, regulated it to +1.4 to +3 depending on the position and sent it out the very next day Fedex Overnight. It took all of 3 days. Bravo IWC NYC Boutique! Picture just because
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