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  1. Pepsi/Coke? If not forget it.
  2. Jomashop isn't an authorized dealer, so you get their warranty and not Rolex's. Basically, you get no warranty (and certainly no Rolex warranty card). Find out, in writing, what the Mayors extended warranty is good for. That'll be a store warranty, not a Rolex warranty, so you need to know whether it's worth it. It's not likely you'll need the Rolex warranty within the first five years, but there's a chance you'll use the Mayors warranty in the second five. Beyond that, you're paying full price because you're getting financing. If you want a discount, you'll probably need to pay up-front. That interest-free loan they're giving you is basically your discount. If you're willing to pay up-front (especially cash) that opens a ton of discounted options from reputable online sellers whose out-of-state shipping won't have tax added to it.
  3. Lots of love for the Heritage Chrono Blue from this side of the room. My Blue occupies the top spot in my watch box and with good reason. It's a joy to look at ( on and off the wrist), comfortable to wear and very able to be dressed up or down. I'd tried the Black Bay, both models and the Pelagos and found that the Heritage Blue pushed all of the right buttons far more than the others, but that's my taste, no one else's. If the Heritage Blue speaks to you, then that's your watch. Don't be concerned about others opinions, it's your wrist that it's fastened around and your bank account that's paying for it.
  4. Wow. A JLC. That's one of my all-time watch brands. And a Reverso at that. I can't never argue against a JLC. The huge conundrum is that there are are so many great choices at the 10k price range. It's hard to go wrong. Since I'm partial to worldtime/GMT, I would go for JLC Grand Reverso GMT. However, I actually handled the Rolex Prince in person and it's seriously solid stuff. It's like you get an elegant Art Deco time-piece with in a famed tank-like Rolex case. I would even argue that the Prince's movement decoration is nicer than the JLC in the 10k class range. Sadly, I'm not at a position to make this move yet...so it's all just speculation...
  5. It's impossible to comment in general about reliability/accuracy of IWC portuguese as there are so many different movements in each type. However, the Portuguese Chronograph is a very reliable/accurate Valjoux 7750 movement. It's not an inhouse movement but this is very durable and quite accurate. Just know that the 41.9mm case size is a bit deceiving as there's hardly any bezel. So it looks like a much larger watch on the wrist. It's a beautifully designed watch. The thing to weigh is whether you'd rather step up to the automatic 7 days. It's more expensive w/similar design but you get a huge power reserve and a date (and lose the chronograph). You can see prices on IWC's website. If you shop around to different Authorized dealers, you'll usually get some discount off of retail. Here's a picture of mine.
  6. After months of waiting and deliberating between brands, I finally bought a brand new Portuguese Chrono (SS, white dial, gold hands) from my local AD in late April. Then, I was at Tourneau today and heard that IWC cut the MSRP on a bunch of its models effective 5/1. I checked the official IWC website, and it's true! Somehow this has cheapened the whole experience for me a bit since I feel kind of duped. I wonder if my AD knew that a price cut was imminent? Without getting into specifics, I got a reasonably good price based on the old MSRP, but on the new MSRP it comes out to a pretty modest discount. Does this mean the resale value is also going to be lower now, so I'll take another hit? Am I wrong to have the excitement of my new watch feel dampened by this?
  7. I'm looking at the Portuguese right now for a dressy watch (I usually hang out at the Omega forum). But really, I have no idea of what's "good" or what's "bad", only the ones that I like. My only requirements is a clean (preferrably silver or white dial), arabic numerals, highly prefer no-date, highly prefer manual wind. I really like the 5102 in white/silver, classic but modern, the 8-day power reserve is really cool. But the date window I don't like (although it barely affects the symmetry). Pre-owned for $6-$7K as far as my research shows I also like the 5454 in white/silver. But the gold numerals are a bit of a turn off. No-date is cool, but it only has 2 day power reserve. I have also seen deals that are great. Pre-owned for $4-$5K per my research Pros and cons among the 2, or other alternatives?
  8. love it . looks like a New Watch with an Old Soul..
  9. Andy

    Portofino Photo .... :)

    My IWC Portofino... man what a dress watch!
  10. Andy

    IWC threads slow...

    Simple statistics... If you look at Rolex or Tag or Omega, there'd be a lot more activity. This is because there are a lot more owners of these watches and subscribers to those forums, so time between posts will be shorter . Panerai forum is interesting... They're just obsessive.
  11. Go with the blue. The gold hands look like @#%* and reminds me of the Tag Heuer Carrea chronograph. Me personally I love the 8 day powere reserve.
  12. A green Amphibians the new case, but the old dial and mechanism
  13. I apologise if i'm in the wrong section. I'm trying to identify my father's watch.He died when I was 2 and my mom does not remember the make.We lived in Romania so it was most likely a russian watch.The only photos of it on his wrist are at their wedding in 1983.I attached all I have.I know is almost impossible to tell but worth a shot.
  14. It can be frustrating but it does depend as well on its journey to the airport and then how busy customs is. At least it's making progress . Not really the sellers fault obviously just part of buying Russian watches. Hop it gets to you soon.
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