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  1. Is there a proper way to store a watch? Face up, down, at an angle, etc, or does it not matter? Thank you.
  2. shoota70


    Hi again. Is the cal 1866 based off the 1861? I am digging 3575.20.00. Can the moon phase dial tell the date - it looks like it does? Would you consider this to be a moon watch? Thank you.
  3. So the Priek is a case back that a not produced or sold by Omega?
  4. Is there a normal schedule as to when Omega releases the Special Editions, or is there never any rhyme or reason to the releases?
  5. Been on the moon dude - what else can you say.
  6. We have a very reputable watch guy here in town who is a big Omega fan - sounds like it would be a no-brainer for him. I am having a really hard time decifering all the Speedmaster models and deciding which one to be my first!!!!
  7. Does the case need to be opened to switch out bezels?
  8. Hello; Would putting a stainless bezel on a Speedmaster Professional void any warranty? Would it make it a "Frankenwatch" or ruin its value? Would I be ruining it from an "all original" standpoint? I found this site, http://www.ofrei.com/page663.html . Are these genuine Omega parts?
  9. http://www.ofrei.com/page663.html So bezel "Omega Bezel 082SS1139" (3rd one down the page) will fit the Alaska? Thank you.
  10. I think the case number is different. Not sure though?????
  11. Hi again... Cam anyone tell me the case number for the Speedy Alaska project? Thank you.
  12. Can this bezel be purchased?
  13. Can that bezel be purchased anywhere?
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